Has your chapter conducted a pro bono coaching initiative prior to the start of 2018? If so, the ICF Foundation encourages you to apply for The Gift of Coaching Awards. The Gift of Coaching Awards recognize and celebrate ICF Chapters with impactful pro bono coaching initiatives making a difference in their communities and the world. The winning chapter for each category (single initiative and portfolio) will receive an honorarium for both themselves and their partner organization, but the entire application and awards process is so much more than the award at the end. If you are uncertain, here a few reasons why your chapter should apply for The Gift of Coaching Awards.

What the application can do for your program:

The Gift of Coaching Awards application was created to ask your chapter and nonprofit partner relevant and rewardingly thought-provoking questions. The process of the application and what is asked about your initiative and coaching process will allow you to conduct a fundamental self-evaluation on how your chapter can do better moving forward. By completing the GOC Awards application, your chapter will have the opportunity to reflect and evaluate on how the coaching can be more impactful and the results will amplify and accelerate future initiatives.

How your initiative can inspire others:

ICF Foundation wants to hear your chapters pro bono initiative stories, so we can celebrate the hard work and success. But the entire coaching community needs to hear your success stories so chapters across the globe can be inspired. No matter how big or small your initiative is, it can motivate other chapters that have never considered the impact of pro bono coaching. We know ICF coaches can make a difference and sharing your story through The Gift of Coaching Awards application could be the spark for a brand-new initiative.

The benefit to your chapter:

Finally, if your chapter does win an award or honorable mention, you will receive international recognition by ICF. Your chapters’ story will be featured on our social networks and website for the coming year, and the initiative will always be an example for new chapters beginning their pro bono journey. Your chapters’ network will grow to include coaching leaders around the globe whom you will have the opportunity to network with for future initiatives.

Your chapter has put in the hard work to conduct a pro bono coaching initiative, and the global coaching world wants to congratulate you on your success. However, we can’t do that unless you apply. Head on over to foundationoficf.org/giftofcoaching to apply, and please email information@foundationoficf.org if you have any questions. We look forward to receiving your application!

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