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Challenges for Coaches in a World Dominated by Short Attention Spans

2022-06-28T14:47:08+00:00January 14, 2020|Blog|

Originally Posted on Coaching World, January 13,2020 Bill McCartney, a well-renowned football coach, once said, “All coaching is, is taking a player where he can’t take himself.”  Inevitably, this process takes some time. With the average attention span of most humans on a downward spiral, coaching, as a practice, is bound to be adversely [...]

Life Changes, Grief, Burnout and the Gift of Giving: A Journey of Loving kindness

2022-06-28T14:50:29+00:00November 13, 2019|Blog|

Seven years ago my life took an unexpected and difficult turn. My life partner, John, died while visiting the States just days before our movers came to pack our belongings for our journey to America from Germany where we had lived for 16 years. To be with John in the States, I had given [...]

Picture Time

2022-06-28T14:50:23+00:00October 30, 2019|Blog|

In January 2018, Amanda Berger and I co-founded Coaching for Healing and Non-Violence(CHNV). Almost two years later, we continue to teach men incarcerated in California State Prison, Los Angeles County at Lancaster, coaching strategies to use inside and outside the prison walls. One day last January, after one of our in-person sessions and near [...]

Tips for Incorporating Coaching for Social Change into Your Work

2022-06-28T14:50:18+00:00October 17, 2019|Blog|

At the very heart of coaching is individuals who believe there is a better way in the journey of life. These inspiring individuals, at their core, want to make a positive difference in the world around them. These individuals are coaches like yourself. You may recognize the desire in yourself to help others, but [...]

Surprising Physical and Mental Benefits of Giving

2022-06-28T14:50:12+00:00September 26, 2019|Blog|

Have you ever checked social media and found yourself overwhelmed after reading a tragic news story? If so, you are not alone, as the American Psychological Association has found that over half of all Americans feel defeated due to news they read. Although they do acknowledge that staying informed about news and current affairs [...]

Tips for Success: Applying for the 2019 Gift of Coaching Award

2022-06-28T14:50:05+00:00September 18, 2019|Blog|

Over the last few months, you may have drawn on inspiration from the Gift of Coaching stories we’ve shared to create a pro bono coaching program within your own ICF Chapter. You may have even noticed similarities between what your chapter is doing and what other chapters have accomplished. If your chapter has completed an [...]

Why Pro Bono Coaching is at the Core of Running My Company

2022-06-28T15:50:47+00:00August 7, 2019|Blog|

As a strong believer in networking and contributing to support a greater good, I decided early on that being a responsible company owner should be at the core of building my business as a coach. Back then, twenty years ago, the business world didn’t really have a word for it, some company owners were [...]

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