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Submitted by Anne Schweppenhausser, MCC, ICF Germany
Pro Bono Resilience Coaching

Coaching provided for those affected by the pandemic

Coaching the people who currently caring for us is strengthening. That’s why we have offered voluntary resilience coaching for people in the professions who take care of our food, our health and our safety. This special form of coaching helps to strengthen our own resilience in times of high stress.

Soon after the lockdown began in March, coaches from ICF Germany came together to provide three to five hours of pro bono coaching. So far we’ve made 23 coaching matches, 12 of which have been completed. The program is now listed on the Care Network Germany website and published in various print media, and we have been asked to give a lecture for caregivers at the University of Hildesheim in December about our findings and experience.

Our success in finding clients has come through word of mouth, an online questionnaire for interested clients, the new get-to-know-you format “Coach-Bar” and social media such as LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram.

Through their experiences, clients have become grateful ambassadors for the impact of coaching for people who are in special and crisis situations in life. The next Coach-Bar will take place on April 2, 2021, as we know the stresses of the coronavirus pandemic are not over yet.