Two years ago I went to Cuba with Aida Frese, PCC (Argentina), to determine whether coaching and coach education would resonate with Cuba’s people. Among those advising us on how to approach the idea of coaching in Cuba was Padre Adrian Santarelli, a priest from Santo Tomas Moro Parish in Buenos Aires, Argentina, who is a former missionary to Cuba.

Upon my return from Cuba, Padre Adrian met with me in the US, complimented me on our work in Cuba, and then tossed me a giant challenge: Would I help him to create world peace through religious cooperation, using coaching? Padre Adrian believes that there is no prospect of world peace without inner peace; and through his exposure to coaches and coaching, he sees coaching as a catalyst to help people attain a level of inner peace.
Padre Adrian’s project Alliance for Peace (Alianz por la Paz) holds a vision for future unity across religions, nations and all five continents, rising above differences among people for the common good. His vision will be accomplished:
Through prayer: for peace, unity, transformation and reparation of humanity;
Through education: university degrees for peace promoters from the Universidad de San Isidro, Argentina and another university degree for ‘leadership for peace’ from the Jewish Cultural Center Lamroth-Hakol, (Argentina);
Through attraction: using mass media (a television series) to promote the idea of healing to create inner peace;
Through coaching skill transfer: to chaplains of armed forces around the world so they may become more resourceful in trying to build understanding among people of different races, ethnicity, and religious orientations.
Through action: peace promotion actions; inter-religious dialogue and prayer events, among others.

As you know, coaches do not do counseling or therapy with their coaching clients; neither do they act as consultants to them, which prompts these questions: What value might ICF coaches bring to this vision? What advice would be useful for those who want to work in this area of inner peace leading to world peace? And what is the first step coaches should take to undertake this type of dialogue with their clients?

“Alianz por la paz is a mission to bring all of humankind together. Aimed at engaging leaders and people of all religions, the Alianz’s goal is not a universal religion but a state of unity, where all differences are included. Peace is a calling every person has, but each pursues in different ways: it is not simply the absence of war. Unity is necessary if reparation and transformation are to take place. Unity can be achieved only if we touch every person. We look forward to the expansion of consciousness and this is where coaches can make a difference.” Padre Adrian Santarelli, September 20, 2017, meeting of Alianz advisors, New York City.        

Meryl Moritz, MCC, of Meryl Moritz Resources, is a 25-year veteran of coaching global leaders and teams. She envisions a world where anyone who wants coaching has access to a coach. Meryl firmly believes that if everyone knew and used coaching skills, there would be peace. Her favorite song is “Give Peace a Chance.”

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