Submitted by Dez Stephens, ACC, Radiant Coaches Academy
Coaching provided to individuals and groups in need during the pandemic

Coaches Who Care is an initiative providing pro bono and discounted holistic coaching to those in need during the global pandemic. Sessions are provided by certified holistic coaches trained by Radiant Coaches Academy.

Recipients included more than 250 first responders, frontline workers, clinicians, mental health providers, business owners, individuals from low-income populations, furloughed employees, medical patients and families faced with multiple challenges, including transitions to home-based careers and homeschooling their children.

Coaching clients experiencing lowered levels of stress, grief recovery education, spiritual guidance, emotional support, positive mindset shifts and overall encouragement. This program also served the hurricane survivors in Honduras who benefited from pain recovery coaching provided by Radiant’s Central American certified holistic coaches.

Radiant Coaches Academy intends to continue these pro bono and discounted coaching services to those in need throughout the remainder of pandemic because they teach their students to serve as humanitarians first.