Submitted by Francesca D’Angelo, PCC

In November 2019, Francesca D’Angelo, PCC started an executive master’s in business administration at MIP Graduate Business School in Milan (IT). An executive MBA takes a deep commitment for all executive students to earn the full MBA degree in 22 months while working full-time. You need time to balance work and life in order to focus on what you have determined to be your priority for the next two years. This EMBA had an evening formula with weekly lessons in person. Due to global pandemic, the formula has been changed into a remote one with many consequences and in particular the need to balance work and private life has changed a lot. Francesca offered support as Executive Coach to all teammates during this tough period to help them in staying focused on their priorities. The initiative provided both individual coaching both group coaching in order to foster and strengthen self-awareness, social awareness, giving and receiving feedback and leadership development. The results were more than 20 hours of individual coaching and 15 hours of group coaching for more than 20 participants.