Submitted by Grace Lee, PCC, ICF Malaysia
Coaching provided for Teach for Malaysia organization leaders (e.g., supervisors, managers)

In the midst of the global pandemic, ICF Malaysia started a partnership with Teach for Malaysia to provide pro bono coaching to the organization. TFM is an independent, nonprofit organization with a mission to give all children in Malaysia the opportunity to attain an excellent education. TFM recruits and develops passionate young leaders as teachers to become agents of change in high-need communities at a grassroots level.

A total of 18 TFM senior managers, managers and associates have been paired with ICF Malaysia’s credentialed coaches for a six-month journey between August 2020-January 2021. TFM is an organization focused on talent; participants are inspired to be transformational and impactful leaders who work to change the life opportunities and outcomes for Malaysian students, thereby ensuring there is a positive, comprehensive student impact. 

The global pandemic has affected the education industry unexpectedly. In the public education system, teachers are faced with tremendous pressure managing a new global phenomena with very basic technology and infrastructure, while coping with fundamental health requirements at home. The leaders from TFM are not only required to deal with the changes that impose potential health risk, but also the mental fitness of their team members — especially teachers who are contributing at a grassroots level where the outbreak tends to be more unknown than it is in the more developed areas in the country.

TFM believes that coaching is truly the foundation for transformational change. At this time of global crisis, coaching has effectively supported them in dealing with one of the most stressful moments and provided timely support with regards to their mental wellbeing. TFM is keen to explore extending the six-month program into a longer-term partnership. That tells us how much the coaching has been appreciated and truly works for them in this critical time. The impact has been highly valued by the organization, as coaching has empowered the leaders in TFM to be better equipped to support the teachers under their care in this unprecedented time of change.