Submitted by Charlie Warshawski, PCC, Love Your Coaching
United Kingdom

During the pandemic, Love Your Coaching (a coach training organization) became very aware in the United Kingdom (UK) that a considerable burden was falling on head teachers (principals) and other school leaders. After the health service, the education sector was probably the most challenged sector who had to work hard, to respond to the ever-changing needs created by the pandemic.

In response to this, they offered pro bono coaching to any school leader, or indeed teacher, working in UK schools. The offer was for four coaching sessions, delivered by Zoom. The coaches providing this support were a mix — coaches who have trained with our organization and other coaches who are in our wider network. 

The response was impressive. Seventy coaches signed up to provide pro bono coaching, and more than 200 school leaders and teachers accepted the offer. The coaching was delivered over a nine-month period, starting in May 2020.