As part of a COVID-19 response, Carl Acelsson offered pro bono coaching to a client, who had moved from Hong Kong to Melbourne with her husband and newborn baby. She was going through a challenging time of transition.

When the engagement started, Melbourne was in full lockdown and the client was without a job. She found it hard to manage the situation. Carl engaged her in 10 pro bono coaching sessions (12 hours in total) addressing:

  •   Identifying and deploying personal strengths
  •   Identifying key intentions and goals
  •   Activating goals through activities and actions
  •   Securing a full-time role in her line of work (one of her main objectives for the coaching)
  •   Improving mental health
  •   Improving self-esteem and confidence  

The client found the pro bono coaching opportunity valuable, sharing,

“It provided me genuine support to identify my strengths, my goals and to achieve them successfully. I am truly impressed by his passion in making a positive change, inspiration and expertise. The authentic approach in coaching relationships provides a safe space to discover and learn. It helped me to create the depth of insight I need to put into action as an individual, coach and a leader.”