Submitted by Dan Liu, Geek Beauty Happy Growth Club
Coaching provided to women volunteers in Accenture’s innovation and technology department in greater China, as well as to other employees and internal coaches

As a member of the internal coaching club of the company, as well as an ICF coach, I invited senior coaches for sharing, reinforcement and advocating coach culture, as well as providing venues and coaching support for related activities including Coffee In The World, board meetings, business coaching practice sharing, etc. We have got colleagues’ feedback and encouraged coaching enthusiastically in order to encourage more people to participate in the volunteer team.

The company uses Gallup advantage tools to help employees understand their individual talents and guide them to apply those talents to life and work to become the best versions of themselves. As a Gallup advantage coach tutor and training instructor, I arranged strength and theme coaching online with more than 200 participants.

We arranged Truly Human health training to help employees understand the state of body, mind, heart and soul and to help establish new habits and implement action plans. Those interested were led through the habit of mindfulness meditation for 21 consecutive days. Other training courses included “Coaching in the Work Place,” “Coaching for High Performance” and “Coaching for Applying Strength.”

Finally, as the diversity and inclusion project director, I established the “Women in Technology Geek Beauty Female Club for Growth,” which provided monthly one-on-one support and mentoring and had more than 700 participants and 30 registered volunteer coaches. 

We are continuing to strengthen the depth of the project and plan to apply it to the cultural integration dialogue of new employees to help more employees enhance their sense of belonging and career development confidence.