Submitted by Tim Mart, ICF United Kingdom Chapter

In 1948, leaders across the United Kingdom (UK) started the National Health Service. It was a bold act that created what has since become a symbol of the values that unite the UK. They were remarkable leaders who left an enduring legacy.

Inspired by the leaders of 1948, the UK101 Leadership Programme (UK101) is a free online programme offered by the international leadership organization Common Purpose, open to all young people aged 18-25 in the UK. It offers participants the chance to connect with each other and explore the model of UK101 Leadership. After UK101 launched in June 2020, Common Purpose, the ICF United Kingdom Chapter, and KYM partnered to provide free coaching sessions, delivered virtually, to UK101 alumni to further amplify the UK101 Leadership program’s impact from June 2020 to June 2021.

Through this collaborative partnership, alumni of UK101 were matched with ICF-Credentialed Coaches in the UK through our innovative digital coaching platform. Through one-on-one sessions, UK101 Young Leaders work with their coaches to deepen their skills and confidence, and to develop ideas on how they would like to take UK101 Leadership forward in their lives.

From June 2020 to June 2021, they have supported four UK101 cohorts and have recognized the vast impact this coaching experience has had on these young leader’s lives through our impact reporting. The UK101 Young Leaders shared emerging themes from this experience which include: opportunity, gratitude, leadership, goals, positive impact, support and space. When the UK101 Young Leaders responded to the question, “…How likely are you to recommend digital coaching to a friend,” supportive comments included:

“The digital coaching has allowed me to reflect on the areas of my personal development that I would like to improve and has allowed me to explore more deeply the areas that will allow me to become a stronger leader.”

“I found this experience extremely helpful in supporting positive mental health. My coach provided me support in finding out different ways to tackling my personal obstacles. I learnt a lot and honestly these sessions were worth it. It boosted my confidence and provided me with a sense of direction.”

“I would like to say a massive thank you to my coach, you have given me brilliant tools and guidance for my future career as well as my personal development and our conversations always left me for food for thought.”


Through this collaborative coaching project, many young leaders have stayed connected and worked to further develop their own unique leadership skills with us. To provide some examples of this, they have many young leaders who joined them from this programme, who are now part of our ‘Level Up Ambassadors’ where these young leaders use their leadership skills to co-create resources with them and form a part of the KYM advisory board.