Submitted by Adele Chee

Adele Chee created an initiative aimed at providing humanitarian and development organizations with an innovative way (coaching) of supporting the wellbeing and growth of a critical mass of their staff, particularly those serving in the most isolated and complex posts. During this time, she coached a client for five hours and empowered her to be an impactful leader in her current role. She has taken ownership to drive change through effective collaborations within their organizations as a result of their coaching sessions.

 The client shared about the experience remarking, “My coach was great tactical and accountability partner as I transitioned from an external-facing role to an internal-facing one within the same organization. She helped me to better plan and structure my approach to my new portfolio, build valuable relationships with my new colleagues and set myself up for success. I am more confident as I scope and roll out new projects now and have ably taken on more direct reports without getting overwhelmed.”