Throughout the world, coaches with International Coaching Federation Foundation’s Council of Ambassadors provide encouragement and support to ICF Members and Chapters who engage in pro bono work with Social Impact Organizations. These 18 volunteers answer questions, locate information, and collaborate as they share the vision thought of the Foundation’s question “What is Coaching’s Greatest Possibility?”  In today’s blog we are shining a spotlight on three of these Ambassadors working in North America — Anu Arora, PCC; Shana Montesol Johnson, PCC; and Zach Prosser, PCC .

Anu Arora:

Anu Arora, PCC, is the owner and founder of Infinite Potential Leadership.  In addition she’s a Conscious Leadership expert, visionary author, inspirational speaker, and a Leadership and Executive Coach. Anu coaches leaders of high-tech companies, non-profits, start-ups, and educational institutions to identify core issues, make the complex simple, help move them past their blocks, and create transformational results.

“I love your [ICF Foundation] mission of ‘Accelerating and amplifying social system change through coaching.’  There is beautiful work happening throughout the ICF Community,” Anu commented.

Of the 17 UN Sustainable Goals, four are particularly compelling for Anu. “Four resonate a bit more,” Anu explains.  “Goal 3: Good Health and Well-being; GOAL 4: Quality Education; GOAL 5: Gender Equality; and GOAL 10: Reduced Inequality.”

She’s the Past President of the Washington State Chapter of the International Coaching Federation, and has been on the board for the last four years.

Anu is sometimes referred to as an “Energizer Coach” for her electric and catalytic style focused on harnessing the very best in her clients. She is a living example of someone who, with humility and sincerity, walks her talk.

Shana Montesol Johnson:

Shana Montesol Johnson, PCC, is a Harvard-educated, certified executive and leadership coach and facilitator. She has coached leaders in Fortune 100 companies, family-owned businesses, United Nations agencies, and nonprofits. An American of part-Filipino descent, who grew up in Latin America, Shana relishes cross-cultural work and has coached clients of 33 different nationalities.

One focus for Shana’s coaching the past 10+ years has been the global development sector where she has worked with clients in the World Health Organization, the Asian Development Bank, and Habitat for Humanity. In connection with this work, she launched what became a popular and award-winning blog, Development Crossroads.

“I’m passionate about the power of coaching to ignite social change,” comments Shana.

She is also passionate about equipping mission-driven global professionals to bring their whole selves to their leadership in order to drive results, cultivate authentic leadership, and amplify their impact on their organizations and the world.

 Zach Prosser:

Zach Prosser, PCC, is a global award-winning coach, serving in the United States, China, and around the world. He has over 12 years of experience in executive leadership, and 20 years of non-profit industry work. His expertise adds to his passion for leadership development coaching. Zach has received the 2019 ICF Young Leader Award and the 2019 ICF Chapter Recognition Award. Zach is a Master Facilitator and Coach Trainer with Destination Leadership. In his work, Zach helps leaders accelerate their growth and achieve more.

He has also served as President of the ICF Cleveland Chapter in 2018-2019. In addition to Zach’s work in the community, he serves multiple organizations in a pro bono community development role, providing coaching in the education sector to contribute to social progress through education. “I have worked with the Ignite initiative and personally do pro bono work within the education space. I love being able to see educators and school administrators make shifts that change education,” Zach explains.

Zach’s passion to make an impact is demonstrated in his authentic coaching presence which empowers coachees to advance and achieve results exponentially.

All of the ICF Foundation Council of Ambassadors  are volunteers who seek to ignite a passion for social progress and to engage participation in our initiatives working alongside Members and Chapters.  To learn more about all of our Ambassadors visit our website page at

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