ICF Foundation Council of Ambassadors are in place to work alongside ICF chapters and members. They are strong, experienced leaders who ignite passion for social progress through coaching and communicate the mission of the ICF Foundation

Each month we are dedicating some of the Foundation Blog article space to spotlighting several of our Ambassadors, showcasing the strengths they offer to the Chapters in their region and sharing their accomplishments.  In this article we introduce Nuray Akmeric, PCC; Teadora Spassova Kamenova, PCC; and Dr. Massimiliano Cardani, MCC.

Nuray Akmeric:

President of the ICF Turkey Chapter, Nuray Akmeric holds certification in Career Coaching and in Organization and Relationships Systems. She also volunteers with social projects that are dedicated to young people and to the empowerment of women.

As an Ambassador, Nuray intends to help coaches and ICF Chapters with their pro bono projects.  She explains, “I can share my experiences with other volunteers and can help with the creation and development of new projects in different ICF Chapters.”

Teadora Spassova Kamenova :

Teadora Kamenova, PCC, is an ICF Registered Mentor Coach, and an Associate Mentor Coach and Trainer at an ICF accredited ACSTH coaching program with Mentor Coaches, LTD.

As an active member in ICF Bulgaria, Teadora was instrumental in helping to build that Chapter; and she has served as Director of Membership (2016-2020). She has also worked as the local Project Leader for the Ignite initiative 2018-2019 and took part in the ICF Foundation initiatives with Special Olympics and UNICEF.

Teadora supports the UN Sustainable Development Goals, especially SDG#4 on Education.  “My main passion is to contribute to change in the area of education and to integrate coaching in it,” she explains.  In addition, she is a passionate advocate for bringing coaching to disadvantaged groups; and for raising awareness of the importance of diversity and inclusion, social justice, and ecology.

In her coaching and training, she also advocates for upgrading people’s level of thinking to a more holistic, systemic, and global level.

Dr. Massimiliano Cardani:

With a 20-plus years of experience in coaching, consulting, and training, Dr. Massimiliano Cardani has also invested more than a decade of service to ICF committees and to ICF Italy.  Massimiliano is also co-founding partner of “Youvolution” and curator of their Team & Group Coaching Class.

An advocate of a “gentle strength” approach on his website, Massimiliano explains, “Being challenging with the appropriate strength is both an act of trust and an ethical duty.”

As an Ambassador, he brings mentoring experience to the work.  He explains, “…mentoring is an integral part of my commitment to support the consolidation of colleagues in the different phases of their experience in the field….”

All of the ICF Foundation Council of Ambassadors  are volunteers who seek to ignite a passion for social progress and to engage participation in our initiatives working alongside Members and Chapters.  To learn more about all of our Ambassadors visit our website page at https://foundationoficf.org/council-of-ambassadors/.

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