Many times as a coach I am asked “how do I create the life I really want?” I am always delighted and recognize what a privilege it is to go on this journey with people, exploring what that might really look like for them. The last 18 months with the pandemic it has given me the opportunity to really walk the walk and finding out what that might look like for me.  Being furloughed during COVID gave me time to explore my core purpose, my intention and focus, to build a life that encompasses all the things I want to do.

With my purpose clear (to be the best I can be and give more than I take from the world) and my intention set (to make coaching more accessible and to help others see their true potential and create the life they want) I started to network. I began reconnecting with people I had loved working with in the past, those that bring energy and innovation into a room.  I was grateful for Zoom,  making it easy to ask for those 20 minute virtual coffees.

Reconnection leads to new community

One of these calls led me back to Mica Allan, who I had not spoken with in 15 years. She introduced me to Coaching for L&D, an international peer community of Learning & Development professionals. Mica’s role as a coach is highly regarded by her coachees.

“Mica was a great coach.  I came with many doubts in my head about what should I do for my career and family progress.  I feel free to share my thoughts and feelings with her. She helped me with powerful questions to identify where I am and where I would like to be.” 

–L&D Coachee

I was excited to be offered a position as a pro bono coach in this community.  In January-March 2021 they had already delivered 100 hours of pro bono coaching, 12 coaches offering sessions to L&D professionals around the world.  They were also keen to share the learning and development with the coaches, offering regular supervision and encouraging coaches to use the hours to support their ICF accreditation.

Boundaries blurred

The umbrella body, L&D Shakers has been watching those in their community, seeing the boundaries between work and life blurred and sometimes disappearing all-together.

“I came to the session with my coach feeling like I was in the middle of the ocean and not knowing where’s the shore (not even saying which side to swim to).  Also I had physical pain on that day.  Just after 60 minutes of our fruitful discussion I ended up feeling way better, realizing I am not alone at this ocean, and in fact it is not that scary to be there.  I’ve got 4 concrete steps on what I can do to achieve my goal and a lot of mindful insights.  I love that my coach immediately picked up my metaphorical way of thinking and gave me lots of relevant examples.  Thank you to my coach and L&D Shakers for starting such a project!  What you are doing is priceless!”  L&D Coachee

What a privilege it has been to become part of the L&D Coaching’s second edition.  Working across the world with 20 other coaches, speaking 12 languages, we have delivered another 80+ free coaching sessions to L&D professionals.

Small actions can cause ripple effect

It has been wonderful to be part of this and see the generosity of a community of like-minded people and the ripple effect that such small actions can have on someone’s life.    I hugely recommend taking part in pro bono work. It gave me the opportunity to work with some amazing people and developed relationships that I sense will be long standing.  I am hugely grateful to find another community that I can be part of and contribute to.

“Rachael is a powerful coach.  I have greatly benefitted from her extensive understanding and knowledge of business.  I vividly recommend Rachael as a coach for those who are looking to develop their thinking, leadership and business.  L&D Coachee


Rachael Wallace-Lane is passionate about making coaching more accessible, helping others see their true potential and create the life they want.   From front line workers to CEO’s, new parents, to returning parents, individuals starting their business or those looking at what they want to do next.  Rachael works with individuals, teams and businesses to maximise their personal and professional potential, using a coach approach to uncover what’s most important to them, exploring the significance of their values and discovering how these can help support them create the life or business they want.  
 Note:  Rachael Wallace-Lane wishes to recognize the L&D founders Anamaria Dorgo and Lena Nasiakou , for their contributions, innovation and constant support and every Coach for their time, skill and generosity.   Thank you.

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