Submitted by Marika Nikkinen, PCC, Aina Giving
Coaching provided to individual women in Nairobi area, Kenya

In April, Aina Giving called forth coaches who want to come together and support the women in Nairobi, Kenya, to follow their dreams and reach their goals in life. We have been working for the last six months with a cohort of 25 coaches all over the world, and the experience and learning from both sides has been incredible. Especially now that Covid-19 has restricted everyone’s lives, we have been able to create a tight, worldwide connection and work toward the same goal — building more empowered communities by bringing the women voices to the table’s where decisions are made.

Aina Giving has been running programs for young mothers and empowering women in Kenya for some time now to build the communities, and this individual coaching project has been an empowering experience for both the coaches and the clients; it has supported the work Aina has done and is doing in a group setting.

You will find testimonials and videos of the project from Aina Giving LinkedIn profile.