Submitted by Francesco di Coste, MCC

Francesco di Coste, PCC and AIHC Italian Association Health Coaching created a health coaching initiative for doctors, nurses, patients, and citizens afraid of the COVID-19 pandemic. Also included were patients who are not part of an organization, and doctors and nurses who took part in the Gisea Symposium. 

As part of the International Symposium Gisea 2020, coaching was designed and delivered as a medical education intervention on the emotional aspects of the care relationship. This intervention helped the health care staff give space to the feelings of patients and caregivers, to bring out the hidden patterns of suffering and, at the same time, to cogenerate a positive thinkability to expand the spaces of well-being despite the disease.

Additionally, together with a team of AIHC member health coaches, they offered listening, encouragement and resilience to 450 people during Phase I and II of the COVID-19 pandemic.

They opened the platform of the Italian Association of Health Coaches on a voluntary basis, with online group coaching interventions dedicated to isolated people, frightened citizens, teachers, and health personnel. More than 70 hours of group coaching has been completed for this population in about four months. The initiative conducted 16 online group coaching workshops and engaged 12 volunteer health coaches over four months.