Working from home

Submitted by Krishna Ramamurthy, PCC, Potential Genesis
Coaching provided to organization leaders (e.g., supervisors, managers) of educational institution and organization 

When lockdown was announced in our state, many organizations’ employees experienced distress, and it was particularly difficult on management and human resources staff. As part of the Potential Genesis coach training program, students offered pro bono “Stay @ Home – Learn @ Home” coaching to leaders of various educational institutes and organizations. The goal of the project was to pay back our clients who had supported us during normal times. 

The team coaching covered leadership and communication with nearly 300 employees of different organizations. Each client was coached for 10 hours with review by the sponsor. The community is now working on offering further pro bono coaching later this year.

Through coaching, we saw employees gain confidence and the ability to socialize virtually as they worked from home. The organizations were very happy with the approach, and they gained respect for coaching as a field.