Submitted by Rita Chowdhry

The Savvi COVID support project coached key workers who were working throughout the Pandemic. It included workshops for senior and middle managers on how to lead their team through lockdown and also workshops for minority ethnic groups who were suffering higher rates of COVID. The intent was to reduce stress of managers who were providing essential healthcare and other services including these participants:

  • Majestic Care Home – eight care homes; April 30, 2020 – Eight hours training for eight attendees and six hours preparation
  • Healing Our Earth – an organization targeting the Asian community to promote happier, peaceful, healthier and inspired global communities by delivering multi-cultural, online edutainment; April 19, 2020 – One-hour training to a global audience and five hours of preparation
  • Hallmark Care homes — March 2020 to April 2021 – Eighteen hours of 1:1 coaching for care home managers and support staff
  • Spelthorne Borough Local Council— March 2020 to December 2020 – Nine hours coaching for senior executives

Outcomes from the coaching sessions:

  • Techniques and tools to support residents, families and other stakeholders (e.g drop-in centers, conversations and communications scripted to address staff and residents’ concerns)
  • Devised initiatives to support the communities they service e.g helplines
  • Reduce personal stress and fear by sharing coping strategies and acting as a sounding board
  • Grief coping strategies — those that lost family members and residents
  • Learn how to adapt their management style to manage remotely