Submitted by Eli Mantovska

Eli Mantovsk supported animal rescuers in Bulgaria through coaching. Pro bono coaching support was provided to four senior women with disabilities, who were considered high COVID-19 risk. Each woman was passionate about taking care of stray cats and dogs in Bulgaria. One lost her home due to the pandemic and for six weeks was homeless. In all, Eli provided 12 pro bono coaching hours with all four ladies.

Outcomes of the coaching sessions included one participant following her desire to end the suffering of stray animals around her apartment building—13 stray cats were spayed and returned to their colony. Another participant who lost her home, found a new place and is still there (since December 2020) and one was looking for work and now has a promising option to start part-time work soon. Another participant, who has severe ailments, found ways to delegate to another volunteer who would assist in carrying on the work when her health deteriorates.

Because of Eli’s own passion for animal rescue, she chose to provide pro bono coaching to this group of individuals. 

“I’m so proud of these rescuers and the huge progress they have made in their goals. It is important to celebrate their success and growth.”

—Eli Mantovsk