Submitted by Karla James Noland, Reveal Heal Thrive LLC

Karla James Noland created an initiative to help working mothers prioritize themselves and their dreams. Karla provided pro bono coaching for five pro bono clients 1:1 from January to July 2021 and was the only coach for the initiative. The project provided 47 pro bono sessions. Her clients’ State Your Life Assessment scores, confidence and self-compassion improved over the six-month period.

For example, one of my pro bono clients retook her State Your Life Assessment and she improved by 25 points with a 78% increase from the first time she took her assessment. She wanted to get down on herself for not doing more, but when shown that the percentage increased, she was shocked at her improvement.

I initially held back from wanting to share my personal journey, as I was afraid that it would not resonate with my audience. My coach encouraged me to share my story, reminding me that people are moved by those who are genuine. This conversation empowered me to feel free and to be more authentic in my presentation.” 

—Krystee Chase, HR Diversity Professional