Submitted by Sandeep Budhirajam, ACC

During the second wave of COVID-19 in India, Sandeep Budhiraja’s daughter (who runs noticed a lot of women were struggling in relationships and jobs due to their lives being turned upside down and the inability of families to support women to come back to their jobs. In response, she enrolled a couple of Grief Counselors and Life Coaches to support this initiative.

Two people enrolled in the first month starting in June 2021. One was a teacher, whose school didn’t want her to continue. The other was an HR professional, who lost her husband due to comorbidity with COVID. She also had a young son and wanted to find her way back to the role. While dealing with traumas of life, both of them started finding threads that allowed them to regain some sense of control, and by the sixth session, were in position to take charge and navigate on their own from there.