Wow! One month away from the ICF Converge 17, and I am still amazed at the spirit, wisdom and collaboration formed from the event. As we wrapped up this global conference in Washington, DC, the feeling seemed widespread: all were E&E…energized and exhausted. That is a great way to be as you move from a terrific event to putting steps into action for sustainable impact and change worldwide.

The goal of the International Coach Federation Foundation at Converge was to promote the mission and introduce the initiatives driving us forward. The ICF Foundation booth had a large tree on the back wall where we encouraged attendees to write their experiences, inspirations and thoughts on the leaves of the tree. Fitting, isn’t it? As a Foundation, we are growing much like a tree does, starting at our base with roots firmly planted in supporting the mission of ICF’s goals in social progress. We will expand our reach through building capacity among the supporters of social change. And as our branches grow and the leaves are formed, your work alongside the Foundation will be the catalyst for delivering impact and making the seemingly impossible, possible.

The ICF Foundation offers a transformational partnership in accomplishing the vision of igniting social progress. In collaboration with ICF Chapters, we will execute this vision through pro bono coaching projects around the globe with Ignite: Engaging Humanity Through Education. Imagine every chapter in the world connected through the positive impact of coaching for a specific area of societal need, as the spark of light to ignite humanity through coaching.

Through the Ignite Initiative, Chapters are supported by the ICF Foundation with tools, roadmaps and best practices for their pro bono projects to allow coaches to focus on creating the greatest impact for their partner organization through their coaching skills. This year, the Ignite Initiative is aligned with the United Nations’ 2030 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), specifically the SDG of Education (SDG4), which seeks to ensure inclusive and quality education for all and promote lifelong learning.

Together, we will engage through the power of coaching to meet local and global challenges and move education into the future. We are excited to see the value you bring to your local community through Ignite. Join us as we ignite social progress!

Paula Cushing 

ICF Foundation President

Paula Cushing, ICF Foundation Director

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