Submitted by Esme Witbooi
ICF South Africa Chapter

Esme Witbooi provided coaching and mentoring to a leader of an NGO that helps disadvantaged communities in South Africa. The organization provides food, counseling, and essential community services to the poor.

The pro bono initiative provided coaching and mentoring to guide the NGO Leader on how to supervise the COVID-19 food relief scheme. Sessions facilitated and assisted the nonprofit leader in how to open a bank account for the NGO; how to seek sponsorship; how to maintain the weekly schedule of the distribution of food and counseling services; and how to adhere to the COVID-19 protocols for the project.

The coachee also learned how to network with other NGOs to get their assistance and how to support each other. Additionally, Esme providing guidance on how to market and advertise the COVID-19 Social Development project. This project has been running since March 2020, still present under my Coaching Supervision. They are still receiving sponsorships to feed the poor, serving meals five times a week to more than 400 kids and elderly, and providing counseling services five days a week. Coaching has made a huge impact in this community.