Submitted by Barbara Anderson, MCC
Sydney, Australia  

Barbara Anderson visited Cambodia offering pro-bono coaching for the last five years (2015-2020) with other ICF coaches. In March 2020, along with SHE investment (a social enterprise in Cambodia), she began a Coach Training Program in Cambodia for 10 women to be trained as coaches in an ACSTH program. Due to the pandemic, she could not complete the training face-to-face. Therefore, training continued over Zoom during 2020. She also mentored and coached each participant (coach in training and business-women/owners of Cambodia), as well as organizing the assistance of nine other volunteer ICF Coaches to mentor and coach the new Cambodian coaches.      

The result of this initiative was three of the nine new coaches are about to apply for their ACC Credential. These new coaches are coaching in their own businesses, organizations or generally in Cambodia. They are the first Cambodian ICF-trained coaches (that I know of) and coach in their language, Khmer. 

“The coach training and all the support and mentoring and coaching provided the team has been above our expectations. We are thrilled with the results!”

—Co-Founders of SHE Investments