Imagine a platform where leadership coaches may offer clients an opportunity to expand their reach and grow their skills as leaders; where the coaches may expand their own opportunities to reach more people and increase their coaching impact globally; and where coaches may engage in pro bono activities with an excellent charity.  That’s what Marina Jankovic, MCC, sees as a “win-win-win” approach for building leaders across corporate and nonprofit organizations.

“I have worked in the past with NGO’s, and I admire their passion,” Marina explains.  “I have also felt, in working with the private sector, that they need to find a different way of cooperation.  This is one way where we could make topics relevant and open a new space for dialogue across organizations.”

A Multi-Audience Solution

From a coaching point of view, Marina’s desire to do more has inspired her to find a way to bring together the pro bono, not-for-profit organizations with corporations.  “I think that we coaches need to challenge ourselves. How can we expand our reach?” Her solution is to develop an all-day leadership platform which offers opportunities for multiple audiences and will also serve as a fundraising source for the Microloan Foundation, a microfinance charity that gives small loans and business training to women in Malawi, Zimbabwe and Zambia.

Sharing her vision with her coworkers at Pinnacle Global, Marina’s dream began to take shape.  “We describe the focus as ‘Leadership Reset: Leading Through the Emerging Future’,” Marina explains.  “We want to address the questions of how we might grow, adapt and change as leaders and how we might successfully navigate into the future.”

Funds to Benefit Women of Sub-Saharan Africa

The design of the one-day summit will include panel discussions and master classes.  “We will bring together coaches, leadership development experts and private sector leaders; and this day will be filled with masterclasses and panels on relevant topics. All funds raised will go on to help women living in poverty in sub-Saharan Africa where over 150 local people are currently employed across 28 branches in Malawi, Zambia and Zimbabwe,” said Marina. Scheduled for March 24, 2021, the conference will benefit both individuals and teams seeking to pay-it-forward.

Leadership is a topic relevant to all audiences whether from the non-profit/NGO world or the corporate world; “none can say that the leadership topic is not relevant for us,” according to Marina.  She sees this event as an opportunity to consider “What else could be there, What’s the future of coaching?”

“For me, I am thinking that maybe there are some other things I could support with my coaching, ways I could expand, do something that could reach more people to increase coaching impact globally.”

Marina Jankovic is a Master Certified Coach, with 15 years of international experience in Business Management, Talent Development and Executive Education. She managed a Global Diversity & Inclusion Program for a multinational company operating in 180 markets and made a direct contribution to building a more diverse talent pipeline and inclusive culture.

She is a co-founder of Pinnacle Global, a global coaching and leadership development company. “We partner with those on a mission to leave a positive legacy and create a much larger positive impact on our planet, so that joy and inspiration may be shared for generations to come. Our programs support a shift towards innovative and collaborative practices in business, leadership and personal innovation in order to foster synergy between organizational success and a more sustainable future.”

For additional ways to get involved in the conference or the charity itself, or to participate in a similar event in November 2021,  Coaches and Corporate leaders may contact Jankovic at

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