Manifesting Change with Women Leaders

Submitted by Imani Missouri, ACC
New York, United States

A partnership formed in 2020 between The Coaching Fellowship and Good Shepherd Services (GSS) during the COVID-19 pandemic and has extended into 2021. The purpose of the partnership was to offer pro bono coaching to high potential young women leaders of impact. The Coaching Fellowship nurtures and brings together young female leaders from all over the world. They believe that through the combination of coaching and fellowship at a crucial point in their career, young women leaders will manifest the change they want to be and see in the world faster and at an exponentially greater scale.

Together, the partnership seeks to bring forward a new generation of women leaders building the world of tomorrow today. The initiative involved Imani Missouri, ACC, representing The Coaching Fellowship who was coaching five clients for a total of 25 hours with Good Shepherd Services. We are currently supporting The Coaching Fellowship for another cycle of pro bono coaching for two clients: six-months long, 11 coaching sessions each client. The six-month project brought to GSS a “buzz of excitement about their one-on-one coaching experiences.”

The success of the pro bono coaching with GSS is most evident in the partner testimonial:

“What is evident is that the climate of our organization is changed because of you. Staff who feared potential job insecurity or increased workloads now feel a sense of renewed purpose. This matters because staff will be better prepared to step up, work together, meet participant and community needs, and do their best during uncertainty and the challenges we will surely face this season. Thank you again for raising your hand, showing up fully, and offering your talent and expertise to Good Shepherd Services in these unprecedented times.”

—Michelle Y. Yanche, Executive Director of Good Shepherd Services