Submitted by Andrew Liu, ACC, Orchid International Coaching & Consulting Ltd.
Coaching provided to organization leaders (e.g., supervisors, managers) of ORISOL Taiwan Ltd.

Entrusted by Colin Hsieh, general manager of Orisol Taiwan Ltd., Orisol seeks to empower company sales and support teams to achieve business targets in the post-COVID-19 pandemic era through a workshop and coaching sessions. 

The goal is to find resources to support the teams to achieve growth targets by following the company’s existing 2021-23 strategy map execution. The key four departments are sales, sales support, product marketing and field application engineering. Our workshop and coaching support will enable them to have knowledge and common language under B2B sales framework, and to build related resources to support learning and growth initiatives. 

A one-on-one coaching session will be assigned to the respective team leaders to support goal execution (part of internal process initiatives) and ultimately fulfill the commitment to the company’s financial goal.