Submitted by Lolo Chetti, MCC, Holding Space Coaching & Consulting

During COVID-19, Lola Chetti could see that this was going to be an uncertain and difficult time for coaches. She wanted to reach out and do something positive and helpful for ICF Coaches. Lola used LinkedIn to reach out to coaches who were applying for their ACC or PCC Credential and offered a free 1.5-hour Coach Knowledge Assessment preparation session in hopes that it would not only help them in preparation for the CKA, but to show what a supportive community we have. The sessions were very well received, and reached people from all over the world.

“I did it because reaching out is such a powerful tool, especially when things are hard for ourselves. The satisfaction of knowing that I helped other peers far exceeded the effort I put in each time the coaches contacted me to let me know they had obtained their credentials. I had many positive feedback comments on LinkedIn from all over the world. I received letters from grateful individuals, and from coaches who proudly told me of their new credentials.”