Coaching for Social Impact

Power of Associations Silver Award Badge

2023 Power of Associations Silver Award Recipient

The ICF Foundation is excited about the new opportunities to show how coaching can impact society. We know that professional coaching has the power to transform social impact organizations, increasing performance and effectiveness. The ICF Foundation continues to launch global initiatives to accelerate and amplify system change with our partner organizations.

The ICF Foundation defines social impact as “the measurable positive outcome of a specific intervention – such as coaching – on the wellbeing & development of society as a whole aimed at addressing social challenges & promoting social systemic change”

For the ICF Foundation, social impact correlates to the ripple effect that coaching will have on social system change organizations. We look towards aligning with those organizations that will affect the 2030 UN Global Goals. The ICF Foundation believes that the effectiveness of social system change organizations increases through professional coaching.

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Coaching for Social Impact Pro Bono Projects

Many Hopes

Many Hopes

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