“Do not feel lonely, the entire universe is inside you.
Stop acting so small. You are the universe in ecstatic motion.
Set your life on fire. Seek those who fan your flames.”

― Rumi (In Your Light)

How appositely this wonderful and much loved Rumi quote sits with our quest for social progress in engaging humanity through education!

For me, it inspires the link between making A difference to making THE difference. The ICF Foundation’s Ignite Initiative transcends boundaries and opens learning opportunities for all; indeed, education is a most impacful, ecstatic intervention. And it starts with you, at your local ICF Chapter level as you seek those partner organisations within education who fan (those) flames!

Education within the Ignite Initiative can be described broadly through the examples below in which ICF Chapters are already making a difference. Volunteer member coaches are coaching leaders within fields such as:

  • National, regional and community school leadership
  • Charitable organisations focusing on learning programmes
  • NFP / NGO entities that serve access and support for education through rehabilitation, recovery & wellbeing programs

The way current Ignite chapters have sought out partner organisations is often through the simplest of connections. Directly or indirectly, a member or chapter leader knows of a community of people working with educators and trainers who would most benefit from a pro bono coaching intervention. And as a result, the benefit is transferred through a ripple effect through the organization and into their local community.

So be bold, stop acting so small, and let us together forge links between chapter, member, partner organisation and individual beneficiaries of education.

To join the Ignite movement, Chapters must follow key criteria

  • Signed Chapter Agreement to join the Ignite initiative is sent to the ICFF office
  • Partner organisation is in the field of education
  • Leaders of that partner organisation are coached, not the end recipient of their service
  • One-to-one coaching continues for a maximum of 6 months or 10 sessions, whichever comes first
  • Volunteer coaches must be credentialed at MCC, PCC or once-renewed ACC in good member standing
  • Project data is shared with and end surveys are distributed centrally by the ICFF office

Already some Chapter Leaders have shown great courage and passion to establish successful Ignite projects within their communities. I would like to express my gratitude to these early adopters and the way they have guided us, at the Foundation, to make the initiative more supported and robust for all.  Come join us and be part of the growing number of ICF chapters around the world actively engaging in social progress through coaching.

For more information on launching an Ignite Initiative in your ICF Chapter, you can review the website and reference the Resource Suite of Tools. And of course, do not feel lonely, please contact myself or Stephanie Keally at ICF Foundation for any of your Ignite questions.

Saima Butt, MBA, MCC

ICF Foundation Council of Ambassador 

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