Submitted by Estafania Palomino, ACC 

WILD and EthicalCoach believe that leadership coaching is a key component for enabling social innovators to achieve and to sustain their maximum social impact. They are on a mission to put data behind that belief.

Thirty members of WILD have been selected for six months of pro bono leadership coaching around their most pressing organizational, team and professional challenges. They will be matched with coaches drawn from EthicalCoach’s international network and both leaders and coaches who will participate in action research in parallel to the coaching.

The selected leaders include Social Entrepreneurs, female founders and leaders of social enterprises (for-profit, not-for-profit or hybrid) and intrapreneurs, employees of global development organizations who are advancing equity, diversity and inclusion in the global development sector. These leaders are drawn from the following organization. The hard work has begun to achieve the target of 64 million additional children and families being served within ten years as a result of EthicalCoach’s initiatives.

EthicalCoach is building an evidence-based model for its coaching program. This means they are studying our approach and seeking data from our clients and coaches about the experience. They are analyzing the data we collect to demonstrate what’s working and the return on the investment of time and effort. The success measures we are studying look at the business and leader’s growth and development, and the client’s experience working with a coach.