Why I Love Coaching Social Leaders… and You Should Too!

2022-06-28T15:51:08+00:00May 2, 2019|Blog|

Why did we become coaches? Most of us did so to improve others’ lives, right? I sure did! That’s why I have dedicated most of my career to coaching social leaders. Who are social leaders, you may ask? Social leaders are people or organizations who dedicate their lives to making this a better world. [...]

Finding Fulfillment – Not Burnout – through Pro Bono Coaching

2022-06-28T15:51:42+00:00February 14, 2019|Blog|

It’s easy to set goals at the beginning of a new year; it’s even easier to get one month into the year and feel overwhelmed and burnt out.  Maybe one of your goals is to devote more time to pro bono coaching, but how to balance it all? We talked with coach Teodora Kamenova, [...]

3 Ways Charitable Giving Can Improve Your Life

2022-06-28T16:22:41+00:00November 27, 2018|Blog|

In the spirit of celebrating the ICF Foundation’s #GivingTuesday efforts, we’d like to share how charitable giving not only benefits the organization you give to, but it also creates a multitude of benefits to, the giver. Here are three ways that charitable giving can positively impact your life: 1) Make You Feel Happier and [...]

Understanding and Applying the ICF Core Competencies to Your Nonprofit Work

2022-06-28T15:58:00+00:00November 13, 2018|Blog|

As the director of a nonprofit and a volunteer coach for other nonprofits, I know it can be hard to keep the ICF Core Competencies at the forefront of your coaching when trying to help others. Clients seek coaching to optimize their lives, whether it’s to get unstuck, improve performance and/or increase self-confidence. At [...]

Life Coach Training Creates Positive Change for Local Non-Profits

2022-06-28T15:57:48+00:00October 18, 2018|Blog|

The ICF Foundation’s mission is to connect and equip professional coaches and organizations to accelerate social progress through coaching. The University of Wisconsin-Madison’s Professional Life Coaching Certificate (PLCC) program participants are doing just this; each year, part of the program requirements for students is to complete a passion project of their choosing. Many students [...]

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