Sharing your impact:

Sharing, networking, and supporting the courage to extend our reach—our ICF Foundation Bloggers offer our readers ongoing stories  of successful societal progress efforts achieved through Coaching.

We want to share your stories! We are  seeking guest bloggers who are willing to share their social-impact experiences.  Perhaps you’ve worked with an under-resourced population, or supported societal change organizations in building capacity and a vision for the future. Or maybe you’re engaging in new societal progress coaching opportunities that have turned your own life around.   How has the change become sustainable?  What might we celebrate as a result?  What would the next steps be?  What can be learned from the challenge?

Where do I start?

You have your story to tell, and only you can tell it.  However, there is more than one way you might tell your story.  First, you may choose to take the time to put pen to paper or fingers to keyboard. This approach provides the greatest freedom of direction to frame your message in your voice.  You may choose to tell this story from your own perspective, or you may tell the story by interviewing one or more of the participants.  The style and organization are entirely up to you. With this approach, you would write a paragraph or two summarizing the direction your article will go and send it to our Blog Coordinator, Carolyn Martin, at  The two of you would work together to finalize publishing from there. Coaches who are comfortable and experienced with writing would most likely choose this strategy.

Perhaps your work life leaves no time for the tasks of writing, revision, and editing.  Or perhaps the agonies of brainstorming, organizing, and rewriting just aren’t your thing.  You have an inspiring story to share, but you can’t really take time away from your coaching responsibilities.  In that case, a second way to tell your story might be to allow one of our staff members to interview you and/or a participant in the project.  In collaboration with you, we would construct a list of questions that would guide the interview toward the message you hope to share.  We would draft the blog and then invite your input as we revise and polish the final draft.  If you are interested in sharing your story with this approach, email Carolyn Martin at

Everyone has a story to tell of growth, insight, renewal and more.  We can all gain from and be inspired by those stories.  Whether realizing a dream or helping others to realize theirs, your coaching is a catalyst for change..  Now is the time; today is the day to share your passion and experiences, and to inspire others.

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