Submitted by Veena Joseph, Igniting Transformations

Veena Joseph offered a pro bono workshop on “SheSustains,” a platform for women, sharing stories that matter and creating transformational workshops. In September 2020, there was a series of three workshops and a coaching session was offered to interested participants and individuals. Veena had a few participants take part in the coaching, especially those who were in situations that put them in a vulnerable or uncertain situation due to the pandemic.

Veena provided pro bono coaching to about five women (some from the initiative and others outside the workshop) for a total of 25 coaching sessions). One of the coachees was stuck in another country due to COVID-19 restrictions, and had no way of moving forward in a physical sense. However, she was able to conquer some emotional and self-esteem issues she was having. She applied to two different universities with confidence and was accepted into both. She was able to make a balanced choice about her future and move forward in confidence.

Another coachee had left a certain way of living and found a new faith. She was struggling with fitting in and missed some aspects of her old life. She was able to find the spark in her new life and was able to uncover some limiting beliefs. At the conclusion of the sessions, she was confident enough to write a book.

“Veena is a sweet coach with sharp questions whom I can absolutely recommend. She is calm and clear, present and purposeful, balancing and blending her life coaching with Christian faith. I went in with quite a vague coaching question and came out with more clarity and actionable insights than I had expected.”