Submitted by Antonio Nadres, ACC
Group of Coaches under Haraya Coaching

Coaching provided to both organization leaders and individuals

Sibol and Unang Tugon are two projects geared towards helping the education sector (Sibol) and organizations/individuals in need of support in self-care during the pandemic (Unang Tugon)

Sibol launched for Teach for the Philippines, Children’s Paradise Montessori School, Office of the Vice President – Community Learning Hubs in October and November. It is an education community initiative to support the educators in navigating the “new normal.” For most of them, it is a new experience to teach children through a virtual environment and adds to the challenges they already face in their own lives. It is the intent of this program to help educators be at their best, to be able to install a comparable, or better, education in the virtual system.

The coaching provided by the group of coaches under Haraya Coaching supported the individual well-being of those in the educational system and allowed them to connect with their life purpose. Those who had received individual coaching sessions were able to see beyond the challenges that they faced and aligned with their purpose and goal of helping children learn.

Unang Tugon was offered to mostly front-liners and displaced workers, both individuals and organizations like Manila Doctors and ABS-CBN. Unang Tugon, (which n English means “first response,” is self-care coaching support for individuals who are experiencing overwhelming stress and pressure during the pandemic. We heard of front-liners who were “crashing” due to this strain, and of individuals who had lost their jobs and were troubled and lost in what to do. The coaching helped them re-focus and stay grounded, thereby allowing them to think through the challenges they were facing and to take care of themselves. This freed them to then take care of others, including their patients and loved ones.