Submitted by Gabriella Alinovi, ACC, ICF Italy
Coaching provided to organization team members

ICF Italy launched two initiatives under an umbrella called ICF Coaching Bridge with the intent to build a bridge among several actors.

Master in Dono gave one free ACTP or ACSTH to a public health manager who was deeply involved with the COVID-19 effort. This initiative explored the potential development of a new approach to resource management in times of crisis

ICF Round Table invited Italian coaching schools to promote cooperation, rather than of competition, to generate innovation on three points: 

  • Vision ICF Italy, which works with synergy and passion toward professional mastery, obtains market and institutional recognition and contributes to the prosperity of its members and of the local and international communities with which they come into contact
  • Promotion of social progress in education and assistance networks by working with operators through coaching
  • Market development and promotion of initiatives that benefit all ICF members. All italian coaching schools have been invited, and many accepted.

Through the selection of highly topical issues, competing companies have decided to collaborate and not compete and to promote new initiatives that bring value to the entire community.