What We Do

Our Mission

Connect and equip professional coaches and organizations to accelerate and amplify impact on social progress through coaching.


How We Work

Through our values of global vision, global impact, systemic insight, collaboration, compassion, and persistence; we will strive to obtain our vision that coaching is an integral part of the thriving society. The Foundation is expanding the boundaries of coaching in the world through key focus areas:

  • Cultivating frameworks for pro bono coaching
  • Engaging in and curating research for the multiplying effect of social progress through coaching
  • Connecting training organizations and targeted populations for coaching scholarships

As the ICF Foundation, we envision the greatest possible contribution of coaching to a thriving society. As Coaches, we have an essential role to play at this moment in history. In areas from education to environment, coaching relationships can help bridge the gap between what is seen as possible under current scenarios and what is needed to achieve the thriving society.

We choose to partner for global impact, but how will we focus all our efforts?

The 17 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals focus on a thriving society and flourishing of nature and represent the most ambitious effort in human history.

ICF Foundation works in partnership with pioneering chapters and coaches, to bring the power of coaching to delivering the Global Goals through Ignite Engaging Humanity through Education. Ignite is providing coaching for the greater good, demonstrating that coaching works, by building capacity, accelerating and amplifying the results in organizations around the globe. We define pro bono as “for the public good,” meaning our projects include both those without charge and at a reduced rate.

Additionally, we encourage local ICF Chapters to participate in inspiring pro bono efforts and support this activity through our Gift of the Coaching awards program.



Strategic Goals


Ignite Social Progress