ICF Foundation Society

Help us move forward in our mission. Join today for just $42 USD/month!


ICF Foundation Society

ICF Foundation Society

Help us move forward in our mission. Join today for just $42 USD/month!

ICF Foundation Society

What is the ICF Foundation Society?

The ICF Foundation Society is a group of like-minded individuals from around the globe who are passionate about applying coaching to social progress organizations. These generous and forward-thinking donors have made gifts of $500 USD or more to the ICF Foundation annually and are instrumental in moving us forward in our mission.

The impact of the Foundation Society is seen through our pro bono coaching results. In 2023 alone, our Foundation Society provided over $47,000 USD to support ICF Foundation projects.

We hope you’ll join in with colleagues and coaches around the globe by joining the ICF Foundation Society.

ICF Foundation Society

Anna Shemetova Palmer (Thailand)

Anna Shemetova Palmer, ACC (Thailand)

Anne S., MCC (Germany)

Carly Langer (United States)

Carol Schadelbauer, ACC (United States)

Catherine Wells, ACC (United States)

Cheryl Procter-Rogers, MCC (United States)

Clare Norman, MCC (MCC)

Col Dr. Narayan Ramachandran (Oman)

D. Marlene Thomas, PCC (United States)

Dave Mullikin (United States)

Dr. Jade Kua, MCC (Singapore)

Dr. Sandy Teng, PCC (Taiwan)

Dr. Tina Udoji, ACC (Nigeria)

Frances Berry, PCC (Australia)

Iftikhar Nadeem, MCC (Saudi Arabia)

Janet M. Harvey, MCC (United States)

Jeff Nally, PCC (United States)

Joe Martin (United States)

John Caves, PCC (United States)

Jonathan Low, MCC (Malaysia)

Kenton Epard (United States)

Kirsti Rautio, ACC (Estonia/Finland)

Lisa, MCC (United States)

Lori L. Kiser, ACC (Canada)

Luke Davis, ACC (United States)

Martin Jessen, MCC (Germany)

Melissa Scialfa, ACC (United States)

Michael Viane, ACC (United States)

MJ Impastato, PCC (United States)

Nia Smith, PCC (United States)

Nic Woodthorpe-Wright, PCC (United Arab Emirates)

Nickquolette Barrett, PCC (United States)

Pat Mathews, MCC (United States)

Pauline Melnyk, MCC (Canada)

Rafic Osseiran (Canada)

Rebecca R., ACC (United States)

Sandra Nwankwo, ACC (United States)

Scott Burns, ACC (United States)

Selina L. (Australia)

Senem Anataca, PCC (United Arab Emirates)

Shana Ring, PCC (Canada)

Sophia Toh, PCC (United States)

Tensei Yoshida, MCC (Japan)

Tonya Echols, PCC (United States)

Wang Ching, PCC (Brazil)

Yene Assegid, MCC (Zambia)

“I give because …”

Learn why our generous supporters choose to give to the ICF Foundation.

Jeff Nally, PCC

Jeff Nally, PCC
(United States)

“I know the Foundation can magnify the power of coaching to create social change and impact to make the world a better place for everyone.”

Wang Ching, PCC (Brazil)

Wang Ching, PCC

“I believe we should be part of the solution and one of the ways to do that is to join forces with organizations that I trust and are already doing good as the ICF Foundation.” 

Tensei Yoshida, MCC (Japan)

Tensei Yoshida, MCC

“I give to the ICF Foundation because it is a part of our responsibility as coaches to care about creating a better world.” 

Frances Berry, PCC (Australia)

D. Marlene Thomas, PCC
(United States)

“I give to the ICF Foundation because I believe in its mission to create positive change in the world. By supporting the Foundation, I contribute to initiatives that promote education, healthcare, environmental sustainability, and social justice, and play a role in building a brighter future for generations to come. ”

Pauline Melnyk, MCC (Canada)

Pauline Melnyk, MCC

“…I believe in giving back, empowering others, and creating positive change worldwide. Whether it’s through volunteering, mentoring, or lending an ear, I’m committed to fostering connection and kindness. By engaging with the programs of ICF Foundation and my community, I’ve had the privilege of making a significant impact… Every action, big or small, contributes to building a better future. It’s a lasting legacy.” 

Dr. Tina Udoji, ACC (Nigeria)

Dr. Tina Udoji, ACC

“I give to the ICF Foundation because I sincerely believe that the benefits of coaching should be accessible to everyone. For this to happen, awareness needs to be created, information needs to be spread, understanding needs to be achieved so that people, organizations, institutions, governments would desire to access coaching for its incredible benefits of improving lives. The ICF Foundation does this and much more.”

Every gift creates meaningful impact.

Every gift creates meaningful impact.

“I give to the ICF Foundation because the work is completely aligned with my life purpose, my aspirations, and my raison d’etre. This work is important for so many reasons and I am honored to be a part of our growing society of trained coaches.”
— Frances Berry, PCC (Australia)

Support our efforts by considering a financial donation. Join the ICF Foundation Society or become a corporate sponsor today!

Frances Berry, PCC (Australia)