The Generous Heart of Coaching

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Over a century ago, a social activist in the United States named Lily Hardy Hammond wrote: “You don’t pay love back; you pay it forward.” Reflect on the teachers, mentors, family, friends, colleagues who’ve loved you and helped you on your coaching journey.  When I do, I see the faces and hear the voices of [...]

Why I Love Coaching Social Leaders… and You Should Too!

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Why did we become coaches?  Most of us did so to improve others’ lives, right?  I sure did!  That’s why I have dedicated most of my career to coaching social leaders.  Who are social leaders, you may ask?  Social leaders are people or organizations who dedicate their lives to making this a better world.  They [...]

Give the Gift of Coaching

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From March 21-23 in Dublin, Ireland, 170 ICF volunteers from around the world gathered to meet, share, celebrate, and learn from one another. The ICF Foundation was present, leading conversations on accelerating and amplifying social progress through coaching. We asked the question “What is coaching’s greatest possibility for humanity and the planet?” Coach leaders shared [...]

Finding Fulfillment – Not Burnout – through Pro Bono Coaching

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It’s easy to set goals at the beginning of a new year; it’s even easier to get one month into the year and feel overwhelmed and burnt out.  Maybe one of your goals is to devote more time to pro bono coaching, but how to balance it all? We talked with coach Teodora Kamenova, PCC, [...]

Ignite – to set in motion

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The ICF Foundation’s Ignite Initiative spread around the globe in 2018. In line with the Foundation’s mission to connect and equip professional coaches and organizations, thirty-five zealous ICF chapters conducted meaningful projects that accelerated and amplified social progress through coaching. These projects were in support of United Nations 2030 Sustainable Development Goal #4, Education. Coaches [...]

2019 Board of Trustees Announced

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After an incredible 2018, we are thrilled to announce the members of our 2019 executive leadership team. These leaders will guide us through the next year as we continue to pursue our mission of accelerating and amplifying the impact on social progress through coaching. Morel Fourman, CEO and principal consultant for Gaiasoft, will serve as [...]

2018 Reflections from the ICF Foundation

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As the new year approaches and many begin to reflect on the past 12 months, you may be asking yourself “What did I accomplish?” or “What do the next 12 months look like?” ICF Foundation Trustee Morel Fourman reflects on the work the Foundation has completed, looks towards the future and shares what inspires him [...]

3 Ways Charitable Giving Can Improve Your Life

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In the spirit of celebrating the ICF Foundation’s #GivingTuesday efforts, we’d like to share how charitable giving not only benefits the organization you give to, but it also creates a multitude of benefits to, the giver. Here are three ways that charitable giving can positively impact your life: 1) Make You Feel Happier and Allow [...]