Throughout the world, coaches with International Coaching Federation Foundation’s Council of Ambassadors provide encouragement and support to ICF Members and Chapters who engage in pro bono work with Social Impact Organizations. These 18 volunteers answer questions, locate information, and collaborate as they share the vision thought of the Foundation’s question “What is Coaching’s Greatest Possibility?”  In today’s blog we are shining a spotlight on three of these Ambassadors—Dr. Belinda Hayes, CPCC PCC; Jass Malaney,PCC; and John Raymond, PCC

Dr. Belinda Hayes:

Belinda works as a consultant, facilitator, and an executive leadership and human potential coach. She has spent over 30 years in senior leadership roles in Higher Education in her native New Zealand, internationally in Nepal, Greece, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, and most recently, in the Sultanate of Oman with the Ministry of Higher Education. Belinda’s coaching work centers around exploring human potential and supporting the creation of more meaningful lives, organizations worth working in, and communities worth living in.

“Common to all threads of my work has always been a connection to nature, a broad and eclectic curiosity, and a commitment to the greater project of impacting societal change and living a good life,” she explains.

As an Ambassador for the ICF Foundation, Belinda is passionate about promoting coaching in educational contexts and making our education systems more meaningful for all stakeholders.

Jass Malaney, PCC:

Jass has over 28 years of leadership experience working with the United Nations Organization: The World Bank, as a Diplomat, Scotts Holding Group, and Kelly Services. After her career with the United Nations, Jass is a strong supporter. “I am a believer and advocate of the UN Goals.  And for me now, being an Ambassador is about sharing my passion and engaging others. Using my past experience in forming engaging communities, I hope to add value to the role as needed in alignment with the Foundation’s mission.”

Her broad corporate exposure along with entrepreneurial capabilities has offered Jass the opportunity to develop an understanding of the cultural differences, global systems, and business factors that are common across industries, which she distills into her coaching conversations with clients.

As a way to engage and create learning tribes, she initiated the Breakfast meetings for orientation of new coaches, and launched the Communities of Practice (COP). She also led the Ignite project for her chapter with the National Youth communities.

John Raymond, PCC:

John has been involved in coaching since it began to take hold in the Australasian region in the mid-1990s and he is passionate about the professionalization of the industry. To this end, John has held leadership positions and contributed to various committees in the coaching industry over many years.

His most recent contributions have been through his role as President for the ICF Australasia Chapter. He was also a member of the Standards Australia working party, for which he wrote the guideline for “Coaching in Organisations” — a global first.

John draws upon relevant research and measurement for an evidenced based approach to his work. He also works from the Ralph Stacey principle that “the quality of the system, is determined by the quality of the relationship which is determined by the quality of the conversation”.

John maintains that we should, “Never underestimate the power of the ripple effect of a great leader – at work and at home.”

All of the ICF Foundation Council of Ambassadors  are volunteers who seek to ignite a passion for social progress and to engage participation in our initiatives working alongside Members and Chapters.  To learn more about all of our Ambassadors visit our website page at

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