Daily thousands of ICF Coaches provide pro bono support to Social Impact organizations. Encouraging and helping with that work are the 18 volunteers from the ICF Foundation Council of Ambassadors who serve ICF Members and Chapters. With a passion for Social Impact through coaching, they answer questions, locate information, collaborate, and share the vision thought of the Foundation’s presentation on “What is Coaching’s Greatest Possibility?”  In this blog article we feature two of these Ambassadors—Gloria Gbemudu, CPCC, ACC, and Osama Al Mosa, MCC.

Gloria Gbemudu:

As a member of ICF Nigeria, Gloria Gbemudu, CPCC, ACC, has experience as a Project Manager on their first Ignite Project in 2019.  She also serves as a mentor to upcoming coaches who are working toward getting credentialed with ICF.

Gloria works as an Executive Leadership Coach and PQ Mental Fitness Coach to “…help more people… to actually grow the muscles to think positively and improve their performance.”  She also helps Executives within organizations to bridge the gap between where they are and where they need to be to make the most impact.

The UN Sustainable Development Goals that speak most to Gloria are those focusing on good health (physical and mental) and on peace and justice.

According to Gloria, The Council of Ambassadors offers the opportunity “to show how coaching can help… society at large.”  Volunteering is of particular importance to her.  “I believe this [volunteering] is the purpose for which we as human beings and coaches have been put on this earth….”  And she hopes to show the world how, ”… coaching can move the needle.”

Osama Al Mosa:

Osama Al Mosa is a senior Executive, Leadership, and Team Coach and an International Coaching Federation (ICF) Master Certified Coach (MCC) with more than ten years of coaching experience and more than 6,000 hours of coaching.  Osama established Accompleash to support leading organizations in the MENA (Middle East/North Africa) region with coaching solutions.

The UN Sustainable Development Goals which speak most to Osama’s priorities are those dealing with “peace, justice, and strong institutions.” As he mentioned to the online site, The Coaching Tools Company, Osama aspires to a world community that keeps a “very rich cultural diversity, and at the same time succeed in creating a blended mixture instead of the current polarity and intercultural conflicts.”  He is also very active in a variety of professional organizations and in volunteering to support startup businesses, entrepreneurial initiatives, capacity building, and social impact projects.

All of the ICF Foundation Council of Ambassadors  are volunteers who seek to ignite a passion for social progress and to engage participation in our initiatives working alongside Members and Chapters.  To learn more about all of our Ambassadors visit our website page at https://foundationoficf.org/council-of-ambassadors/.

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