Everyday throughout the world, thousands of ICF Coaches engage in pro bono work with social impact organizations.  Frequently supporting and encouraging that work are 18 volunteers who serve on the ICF Foundation Council of Ambassadors serving ICF Members and Chapters.

These Ambassadors are bold and courageous leaders who bring their passion for Social Impact through coaching to share and inspire in communicating the mission of ICF Foundation, collaborating, and networking with like-minded coaches around the world.  Ambassadors will help with:

  • providing Members and Chapters in their region with assistance, answering questions, and locating information about social impact, pro bono initiatives, and more,
  • collaborating in support of the work of the Foundation, and
  • sharing the vision thought, the Foundation’s presentation on “What is Coaching’s Greatest Possibility?” to Members, Chapters, and Stakeholders.

Each month we will dedicate one Foundation Blog article to spotlighting several of our Ambassadors showcasing the strengths they offer to the Chapters in their region and sharing their accomplishments.

This month we introduce Cristina Custodio, PCC; Aida Freese, PCC; and Fabiola Solis, PCC,  all of whom are Ambassadors serving the Latin America Region.

Cristina Custodio:

A Puerto Rico native with over 25 years of experience in leadership and management, Cristina works with social leaders across a variety of organizations and social issues.  In addition to an extensive educational background in history, literature, and business, she holds multiple certifications in various areas of business coaching, social innovation, and urban education.

Cristina is passionate about causes relevant to women, education and opportunities for under-resourced youth.  She feels a special kinship with coaches in Latin America and the Latinx community in the United States; and is an ardent supporter of the United Nations Agenda 2030 (Sustainable Development Goals).  She explains, “When we combine the power of coaching to unleash human potential with the impact of mission-driven organizations, change is bound to happen. The ICF Foundation’s reach and credibility makes this possible in a wider scale. I find that really exciting!”

 Aida Freese:

In addition to her roles in life as a lawyer and a coach, Aida is a trainer for the online ACTP International Executive Coaching Program and is a member of the Climate Coaching Alliance (CCA).  Originally from San Juan, Argentina, Aida now lives in Buenos Aires and has traveled extensively for many years, being fluent in Spanish, English, French, and Italian. She has a particular interest in the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals.  Of particular interest to Aida are the goals related to poverty, education, empowering women, the climate, and global partnerships.

Aida is a natural networker and enjoys bringing people together. Collaboration is an essential component to social impact in her approach to coaching.  “We have the possibility to make a great contribution to our world,” she notes.  “I’m very committed to the purpose of the foundation by promoting and expanding the accessibility of coaching to more people in the world in order to make an impact.”

Fabiola Solis:

Multiple certifications and multiple leadership roles as an ICF Coach demonstrate the strong commitment Fabiola maintains toward coaching, her community, and the world.  She describes herself as “committed to holistic human development, and to diversity in an integrated cosmovision” that she considers to be “eco-belonging”.  She has served as a coaching mentor, a trainer, and supervisor; and has participated on various ICF committees as an officer and as a member, including Vice-President of the ICF Chile Charter Chapter.

Residing in Chile, Fabiola was born in Ecuador. She envisions coaching as a vehicle for building a more equitable society.  “Being a Latin American professional coach, I can see everywhere people need a new perspective for their lives that allow themselves and our society to embrace equity. Part of that is the right to have access to professional coaching.”

All of the ICF Foundation Council of Ambassadors are volunteers who seek to ignite a passion for social progress and to engage participation in our initiatives working alongside Members and Chapters.  To learn more about all of our Ambassadors visit our website page at https://foundationoficf.org/council-of-ambassadors/.

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