The ICF Foundation’s Ignite Initiative spread around the globe in 2018. In line with the Foundation’s mission to connect and equip professional coaches and organizations, thirty-five zealous ICF chapters conducted meaningful projects that accelerated and amplified social progress through coaching. These projects were in support of United Nations 2030 Sustainable Development Goal #4, Education. Coaches worked with the leaders of nonprofits, NGO’s, school systems, and universities to offer the transformational power of coaching at no cost to the participants. The goal was to apply coaching at the top of organizations to create a ripple effect of positive impact on the people that organization serves.

To date, that ripple effect is reaching over 4 million people.

Within the organizations, survey data has been collected from thirteen completed projects. Of the coachees who responded, 89% believed coaching contributed to their success, 98% were motivated to take action on their learning from coaching, and 96% would recommend coaching to others. Even more astounding was the data that showed 79% of the coachees had never participated in coaching prior to Ignite. The Ignite Initiative significantly broadened the reach and awareness of coaching, giving leaders coaching opportunities that they may never have had without it. The ICF credentialed coaches working on these projects were a force of good for these organizations; among the completed projects in 2018, coaches donated over $190,000 USD worth of coaching hours. According to the 2016 ICF Global Coaching Study, the average global fee per one-hour coaching session is $231 USD.  Here is some of the direct feedback received from coachees about their coaching experience:

  • “I have achieved greater senior team and all staff buy in and commitment, as well as increased team alignment and cohesion.”
  • “Coaching helped me identify areas of conflict and develop ideas for dealing with challenges.”
  • “Through coaching, I was able to let go of the set of standards I’ve developed and be more effective in my work. This new approach also helped me achieve greater work/life balance.”

To be more specific about the impact of coaching for these organizations, the data showed that 74% of coachees believed the ripple effect of their gains from coaching would lead to improvement in operational efficiency and employee engagement (76%). When these organizations have increased efficiency and engagement, they are able to better serve their communities and reach their social progress goals. This is how the Ignite Initiative functions; it starts small with a few people at one organization, and spreads progress and positive change throughout the community as it grows.

The ripple effect that the Ignite Initiative created in 2018 is continuing to grow, and the ICF Foundation needs your help. To truly ignite the acceleration of social progress, all of us must join the initiative and do our part. If you or your chapter are ready to make a positive impact on the world through pro-bono coaching, please reach out to to start the journey. Together, we have the power to ignite our local communities and spark a global impact.

To view the full 2018 Report of the ICF Foundation’s Ignite Initiative, download it here under Overview and Impact.

Luci Keller is an intern at the International Coach Federation Foundation. She attends school at Western Kentucky University and is working towards a Bachelor’s and Master’s in Organizational Leadership.

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