Charged with the responsibilities of guiding and directing the strategic plans and goals for achieving the mission of the ICF Foundation (ICF FD), nine individuals serve on the ICF FD Board of Trustees (BOT). They bring to their work a unique blend of experience and understanding to guide the passionate conviction that social change is accelerated and amplified through coaching. 

Each member of the BOT serves a two-year term. During that time, they help set the future direction for the foundation, provide input for developing income sources, and promote the Foundation and its mission (to support coaching research, pro bono coaching and other studies related to the coaching profession). The mission also includes the intent to bring coaching to people across the world necessitating a diverse and accomplished group of individuals. 

We are excited to announce the 2024 Board of Trustees, four of which we are welcoming for the first time. This year’s BOT is as follows.

Wang Ching, PCC  

Chair & Representative ICF Global Board
Brasília, Brazil  

Wang values being true, fair and inclusive. More future oriented, love technology and explore new possibilities. She has worked in private companies for 25 years, in diverse sectors and levels. In the past 12 years has been developing leaders through her own company.  

She has always been engaged with social initiatives as a volunteer and has been leading a project for people between 18 to 26 years old, with low income, for 11 annual editions by now, offering leadership training, assessments, and coaching for free.  

Rashmi Shetty, PCC  

Vice Chair
Bangalore, India  

Rashmi is the Founder Director of The Third Eye. A Masters in Public Administration, the Bhagavad Gita is her inspiration. Her foray into broadcasting introduced her to the power of VOICE which is her coaching framework. She coaches CXOs and women transitioning to senior leadership roles to enhance their vocal presence.  

A National and International Award winner for scripting and narrating radio documentaries. She is also an award-winning podcaster for her weekly human library audio podcast ,“U n’ I with Rashmi Shetty.”  

Sundar Visvanathan, PCC  

Secretary, Representative ICF FD ICF Governance Committee
Tamil Nadu, India  

“Inspiring leaders to lead better” is the value proposition of Sundar Visvanathan. His purpose is to inspire Leaders to transform to a better version of themselves. He believes that leaders can lead better by being self-aware, by knowing their stakeholder’s perception, and consciously modifying behavior patterns.  

He partners with leaders in their leadership journey by being a “Transformation Catalyst.”  

Sundar meets his purpose through coaching, mentoring, and professional speaking.  

Sundar has 35 years’ experience in corporate and six years in coaching.   

Rania Laing, FCIM, PCC

Dubai, United Arab Emirates  

As a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Marketing, Ashridge Hult EF Executive Coach, an ICF PCC Coach and Board Trustee of the ICF Foundation, Rania has over 25 years of extensive strategic experience. She is a Sustainability Advisor, combining social and community impact strategies with UN SDG impact management and metrics and a Carbon Literacy trainer. She is the CEO of Purposeful Innovators CIC, the Founder of Your Neuro Coach, and Former President of the ICF UAE Chapter.  

Jeff Cheah, PCC  

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia  

Jeff has more than 40 years of experience in corporations and leading entrepreneur businesses. He has over clocked 1,500 hours of experience in executive coaching, coached over 600 C-Suite Leaders and has conducted over 200 coaching, mentoring, and Emotional Intelligence workshops.  

He is active in the ICF Malaysia Chapter having served as a Chapter Leader – positions Vice-President, President, and Immediate Past-President – for six years. Over the last two years he has served as a Board Trustee (2022) and Treasurer for the ICF Foundation. 

Anne Schweppenhäußer, MCC (NEW)  

Stuttgart, Germany  

Anne Schweppenhäußer focuses on shaping a better world through personal development by offering coaching, team coaching, and training services to internationally operating organizations and NGOs. She believes that practicing altruism is fundamental in all aspects of life.  

Anne holds a degree in psychology. She is a former board member of ICF Charter Chapter Germany, currently member of ICF Germany’s ethics committee, ICF Germany podcaster, mentor coach, and edited a book about ICF core competencies.  

Anne is certified Master Practitioner (EMCC), a global coach/mentor supervisor (ESIA).  

Annette Blum Pearson, ACC (NEW)  

San Fransisco, CA (United States)  

Annette Blum Pearson brings experience, intuition, and coaching tools to her work with individuals and groups. She partners with entrepreneurs and corporate leaders as they focus on values driven development and fulfillment.  

Annette worked in product management, sales, and marketing for 10+ years in big tech and startups. She drives large-scale initiatives with creative passion and a growth mindset to cultivate thriving teams and success. 

Annette lives with her family in San Francisco and enjoys nature, being with loved ones, traveling, learning, reading, and eating.  

Kath Milne, MCC (NEW) 

Adelaide, South Australia  

Kath has a passion for making a difference and loves creating opportunities to bring out the best in people and organizations.  

She believes that in these changing times new ways of working and shaping solutions are required. This requires new ways of leading and learning to help organizations and people thrive, coaching is a key part of this.  

Kath is also known for being fair, open, and supportive. She speaks from the heart and also likes having fun and believes laughter can make a day.  

Tamala Chirwa, PCC (NEW)  

Lilongwe, Malawi  

Tamala is an ICF PCC Coach and ICF Registered Mentor Coach. She specializes in Executive Leadership Coaching, Group/Team Coaching, Coach Training, and Mentor Coaching. She is a DISC Practitioner and an Accredited LEIPA Facilitator. She has an MBA, ACCA Diploma in Financial Management, and Post Graduate Diploma in Management.  

She primarily works with C-Suite leaders who leverage coaching to lead better and intentionally embed coaching as part of organizational culture to optimize individual and team performance and create climates/environments where everyone thrives.

We look forward to an incredible year, filled with impactful work with our Board of Trustees. Please join us in welcoming them!