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Accelerating and amplifying social system change through coaching is the mission and heart of the ICF Foundation. Through the collective power of ICF chapters, ICF members, and ICF credential-holders, we have the power to truly move the world forward. But how do we continue that work? How do we ensure that we can continue bringing forward-thinking social change-makers from underrepresented communities, into the coaching profession?

These are the questions that the ICF Foundation sought to answer in 2022, when the ICF Foundation Scholarship came to life. Through partnerships with family organizations across the One ICF ecosystem, these scholarships offered more than just education, they also provided a clear path towards becoming an ICF-credentialed coach.

  • ICF Coaching Education partnered to help identify and engage Coaching Education Providers with ICF-accredited programs. These generous providers then donated spots in their program for the scholarships.
  • ICF Professional Coaches stepped in to offer a complimentary one-year ICF Membership for the recipients.
  • ICF Credentials and Standards joined to waive the ACC application fee for recipients, upon completing their coaching education.

With these partnerships, the ICF Foundation was able to offer its first round of scholarships to eight recipients in 2023. The following year, the number grew substantially to 22 recipients. And for 2025? We’re looking to make this the biggest year yet. 

We are excited to announce that applications for the 2025 ICF Foundation Scholarship are now open until July 31 at 5 p.m. (New York). 

Interested applicants can find eligibility criteria and the application link by visiting our Scholarship Application page. On that same page, ICF chapters and ICF members can nominate an individual for this scholarship. 

This opportunity has the ability to change the lives of individuals across the globe, and it has already begun doing so for the 30 existing recipients. Two of these recipients have shared how this opportunity benefitted them in their journey towards becoming a professional coach: 

“Receiving the ICF Foundation Scholarship benefited me by providing the opportunity to start my own coaching business, access valuable guidance and mentorship, enhance my skills and knowledge, expand my network, and gain increased self-confidence.”

Franklin Kamnang Ngansop, 2023 ICF Foundation Scholarship Recipient (Cameroon).

“Receiving this scholarship has profoundly impacted me in numerous ways. It has not only provided me with the essential foundation of coaching but has also broadened my perspective on its transformative power. Previously, I viewed coaching primarily as guidance and direction, akin to wearing a consultant hat. However, through this scholarship, I’ve come to understand coaching as a tool for self-awareness and personal growth, enabling individuals to unlock their own potential.”

Ose S., 2024 ICF Foundation Scholarship Recipient (United States).

With your help, we can continue to offer these scholarships to underrepresented communities across the globe and continue to move the world forward. You can get involved by: 

  • Sharing this opportunity with your network (see links below). 
  • Nominating somebody for this scholarship through our Scholarship Application page. 
  • Referring ICF-accredited coaching education providers to apply to offer a scholarship in 2026, through our Scholarship Application page. 

For questions about our scholarships and how to get involved, please visit our Contact page. 

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