The ICF Foundation defines social impact as, “the measurable positive outcome of a specific intervention – such as coaching – on the wellbeing and development of society as a whole aimed at addressing social challenges and promoting social systemic change.” This year, we are excited to help announce the new Social Impact category with the ICF Coaching Impact Awards. 

This category is aimed at recognizing exceptional individuals and/or organizations making profound contributions to society through coaching principles. The award will feature two categories: Distinguished Coaching Catalyst and Emerging Coaching Catalyst.    

The Distinguished Coaching Catalyst recognizes influential world leaders and organizations who are a catalyst for change and who exemplify a coaching mindset in their approach to leadership, decision-making, and engagement with others.   

The Emerging Coaching Catalyst recognizes social impact leaders and organizations that have been doing outstanding work but lack widespread recognition and remain relatively unknown to the public.  

Through this initiative, the International Coaching Federation (ICF) seeks to increase awareness of coaching’s potential to drive tangible societal change. The esteemed panel of evaluators, representing diverse backgrounds and perspectives, will meticulously assess nominees based on the tangible impact of their coaching approaches.  

Nominations for the 2024 ICF Coaching Impact Awards are live and will be open until Friday, April 26th at 11:59 pm (New York). Please visit for more information and to submit a nomination.