Ignite: Engaging Coaching for Humanity and the Planet

Resource Suite of Tools

Our goal is to provide you with tools and resources to help you successfully complete the Ignite Initiative. Click the links in the list to download materials for your use. As the Ignite Initiative evolves, we will continue to add to the Resource Suite of Tools.

Structuring Your Ignite Project

The ICF Foundation knows that ICF coaches, chapters, and members do great work in their communities all the time. Through Ignite, we are coming together to achieve the greatest possible impact. By creating an Ignite project, you must use the following parameters:

Partner with an organization whose mission and work supports a UN Global Goal.

Recruit ICF-credentialed coaches (ACC, PCC, or MCC).

Coach leaders, employees, students, or beneficiaries of the partner organization to build capacity and create social impact.

Coaching for a maximum of 10 sessions within 6 months.

Submit project and impact data to the ICF Foundation at the beginning and end.

Administering Your Ignite Project

3 Months Out

Apply for the Ignite Program

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Access Resource Suite of Tools

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Access Data Resources

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Supplemental Ignite Resources

Please find additional resources that will support your Ignite Initiative. These include Neil’s Wheel, Arabic Resource Videos, and more, click below for the most current resources available. 

Need a translation?

Please use the google translate option located at the footer of the website. You can also click here for the most current translated Ignite Resource Suite of Tools. 


Contact Foundation Staff at information@foundationoficf.org for more information.