ICF Foundation Council of Ambassadors

ICF Foundation Council of Ambassadors are in place to work alongside the chapter and members. They ignite passion for social progress and engage participation in our initiatives. These subject matter experts work to communicate the strategy, plans, and projects with ICF Chapters. To connect with an Ambassador in your region, email information@foundationoficf.org.

The ICF Foundation is currently accepting applications to join the Council of Ambassadors!

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Nuray Akmeric, PCC, ORSCC
Nuray Akmeric, PCC, ORSCCAmbassador
As a professional coach, Nuray holds certifications in Career Coaching (Certified Executive Career Coach) and Organization & Relationship Systems Coaching (Organization and Relationship Systems Certified Coach). She has also held an International Coaching Federation PCC Credential since 2016. She has been a member of the ICF Turkey Chapter since 2011 and currently holds the position of President.

Coaching inspired Nuray to think about her life’s purpose. Wanting be useful and to create a difference in people’s lives through providing services that are accessible to everyone, she started to volunteer for ICF Turkey’s social responsibility projects.

Karen Bychowski, PCC
Karen Bychowski, PCCAmbassador
Karen Bychowski spent nearly 20 years at Accenture, with expertise in change management, leadership development, organization effectiveness, learning and development, and talent strategy, and has worked in over a dozen countries, across Europe, Asia, and Africa.

Karen is a Professional Certified Coach (PCC) through the International Coaching Federation as well as a Gallup-Certified CliftonStrengths Coach. In late 2019 Karen evolved her career to focus more on coaching, starting her own organization – C2B Coaching and Consulting LLC. Karen is an advocate of coaching for social impact, and is Executive Director of To Africa with Love NFP, whose flagship program — Pads with a Purpose — seeks to motivate and inspire young women, through the creation and discussion of individual vision boards. The program has reached over 3,800 young women. In January 2020, the organization launched Amka, which provides social support and skill development through a “Coaching Circles” approach, to girls who have recently finished secondary school.

Aida Frese, MCC
Aida Frese, MCCAmbassador
Aida Frese is a lawyer and an International Coaching Federation (ICF) Professional Certified Coach (PCC). She is also a trainer for an online ACTP International Executive Coaching Program. One of Aida’s goals is to inspire collaboration bringing professional coaching to every corner of the world creating social impact, considering that “we have the possibility to make a great contribution to our world.” She is a member and contributes to the Climate Coaching Alliance (CCA)

Originally from San Juan, Argentina, Aida lived abroad for many years and widely traveled to many countries. She is a natural networker and enjoys connecting people. She currently lives in Buenos Aires and speaks Spanish, English, French and Italian.

Gloria Gbemudu, CPCC, ACC
Gloria Gbemudu, CPCC, ACCAmbassador
Gloria Hauwa Gbemudu, CPCC, ACC is an Executive Leadership Coach and a PQ Mental Fitness Coach. Gloria’s journey as a coach started 4 years ago when she discovered that her values were not being honored and that fulfillment for her meant so much more than holding down a 9-5 job that paid well.

Since Gloria got certified as a coach she has been working with Executives and high potentials within organizations to bridge the gap between where they are and where they need to be to make the most impact. Gloria is a member of ICF Nigeria Chapter where she was the Project Manager of their first-ever Ignite project in 2019 and she is involved in the Chapter in the capacity of part of the Membership Committee and also a mentor to upcoming coaches looking to get credentialed with ICF.

Dr. Belinda Hayes, PhD, CPCC, PCC
Dr. Belinda Hayes, PhD, CPCC, PCCAmbassador
Belinda works as a consultant, facilitator, and executive leadership and human potential coach. She has spent over 30 years in senior leadership roles in Higher Education in her native New Zealand, internationally in Nepal, Greece, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, and most recently, in the Sultanate of Oman with the Ministry of Higher Education.

Belinda’s coaching work centers around exploring human potential and supporting the creation of more meaningful lives, organizations worth working in and communities worth living in.

Teadora Spassova Kamenova, ECPC, PCC
Teadora Spassova Kamenova, ECPC, PCCAmbassador
Teodora has held an International Coaching Federation (ICF) Professional Certified Coach (PCC) credential since 2016, is an ICF Registered Mentor Coach and an Associate Mentor Coach and Trainer at an ICF accredited ACSTH coaching program with Mentor Coaches, LTD.

Through coaching, mentoring, and training, she is committed to participate in the creation of a ripple effect and to contribute to the tipping point needed for the enhancement of humanity and the wellbeing of all people on Earth.

Teodora was active in building the ICF Bulgaria Chapter community and was Director of Membership (2016-2020). She was the local Project Leader for the Ignite initiative 2018-2019 and took part in the ICF Foundation initiatives with Special Olympics and UNICEF. She is a passionate advocate for bringing coaching to the most needed places with disadvantaged groups. She is passionate about raising awareness of the importance of diversity and inclusion, social justice, and ecology. In her coaching and training, she also advocates for upgrading people’s level of thinking to a more holistic, systemic, and global level.

Jass Malaney, PCC
Jass Malaney, PCCAmbassador
With over 28 years of leadership experience working with the United Nations Organization: The World Bank, as a Diplomat, Scotts Holding Group, and Kelly Services. Her broad corporate exposure along with entrepreneurial capabilities has offered Jass the opportunity to develop an understanding of the cultural differences, global systems, and business factors that are common across industries, which she distills into her coaching conversations with clients.

As a way to engage and create learning tribes, she initiated the Breakfast meetings for orientation of new coaches, launched the Communities of Practice (COP). She led the Ignite project for the chapter with the National Youth communities. As the Past President, she holds monthly COP for new coaches.

Dr. Uttara Pattanaik, PhD, PCC
Dr. Uttara Pattanaik, PhD, PCCAmbassador
Dr. Uttara Pattanaik, a Ph.D. in Medical Sciences, is an accomplished industry leader, a strategic leadership consultant, an ICF credentialed Executive and Leadership Coach (PCC), a mentor coach, and a personal mastery expert. Uttara was the former Board member of the ICF Delhi/NCR Chapter where she served as the Vice–President, and Director of CSR during 2016-2019. Uttara also serves on the Board of National Coaching Council under Women’s Indian Chambers of Commerce & Industries (WICCI).

By connecting strategic leadership to personal mastery and mindfulness, Uttara has given a new definition and meaning to leadership and strategy, energizing people to make it an integral part of their life irrespective of roles or levels. Uttara is committed to humanize leadership and change the global leadership landscape by creating inspiring leaders and influencers who can create a ripple effect in their ecosystem and society.

Zach Prosser, PCC
Zach Prosser, PCCAmbassador
Zach is a global award-winning coach, serving in the United States, China, and around the world, with experience of over 12 years in executive leadership and 20 years of non-profit industry work. His expertise adds to his passion for leadership development coaching. Zach has received the 2019 ICF Young Leader Award and the 2019 ICF Chapter Recognition Award. Zach is a Master Facilitator and Coach Trainer with Destination Leadership. In his work, Zach helps leaders accelerate their growth and achieve more.

Zach served as President of the ICF Cleveland Chapter in 2018-2019. In addition to Zach’s work in the community, he serves multiple organizations in a pro bono community development role, providing coaching in the education sector to contribute to social progress through education. Zach’s passion to make an impact is demonstrated in his authentic coaching presence which empowers coachees to advance and achieve results exponentially.

Fabiola Solis, PCC
Fabiola Solis, PCCAmbassador
Fabiola is committed to holistic human development, diversity in an integrated cosmovision that she refers to as eco-belonging. Fabiola had developed a strong commitment as a Professional Certified Coach (PCC), Certified Mentor Coach, Trainer, and Coaching Supervisor. As a volunteer leader, she had served International Coaching Federation since 2013, as vice-president and president of the ICF Chile Charter Chapter, co-coordinator for Latin America and the Caribbean, and also participated as a member of several task forces and committees for ICF Global.

Born in Ecuador and having Chile as her home, the vision she holds for Latin America is to accomplish a more equitable society, proud of its native indigenous legacy, empowered to be the protagonist of the new world that is emerging.

Shruti Sonthalia, PCC
Shruti Sonthalia, PCCAmbassador
As a fierce warrior of love, Shruti brings a combination of gentleness and fierceness and a deep commitment to supporting the discovery of one’s Dharma (purpose). She also embodies the courage to follow one’s inner guidance and truth.

Academically trained as a sociologist at the London School of Economics, she understood early on, her call was to actively engage with individuals and groups to develop awareness and facilitate change. Her passion and personal explorations on the shadow, power, rank, and gender have attracted coaching clients exploring similar themes. She actively works with women looking to rediscover themselves in relationships. A unique offering is using coaching to unlock the wisdom of dreams.

Begum Verjee, Ed.D, M. Ed., ACC
Begum Verjee, Ed.D, M. Ed., ACCAmbassador
Begum Verjee has a doctorate in Educational Leadership and a master’s in Counselling Psychology and is an ICF Associate Certified Coach (ACC). Begum has over 30 years of experience working in the fields of equity, diversity, and inclusion (EDI) in Canada, and as an educational leader and social change agent, has developed post-secondary programs and educational initiatives utilizing social determinants of health lens.

Begum is the Provost and a faculty member at the Adler Graduate Professional School (ADLER) in Toronto, Canada, and on faculty with the International Committee of Adlerian Summer Schools & Institutes (ICASSI). Begum completed her coach training and certification with the Faculty of Coaching at ADLER. She is committed to the role coaching can play in positive social impact locally, and globally.