ICF Foundation Council of Ambassadors

ICF Foundation Council of Ambassadors are in place to work alongside the chapter and members. They ignite passion for social progress and engage participation in our initiatives. These subject matter experts work to communicate the strategy, plans, and projects with ICF Chapters. To connect with an Ambassador in your region, email information@foundationoficf.org.

Carla Villacorta Torres, MCC
Carla Villacorta Torres, MCCAmbassador
Carla (MCC) is synonymous with energy that impacts and resonates with those around her. As an Executive and Corporate Coach, her clients are top-line executives from various industries and countries with whom she works on strategy, leadership, and management skills based on emotional intelligence. She is a psychoanalytic psychotherapist and REBT. She runs a coaching school (ELCI) and an OD consulting company.
She is a disruptive person who awakes people with a powerful sense of life. She believes in change, spontaneity, and the power of authenticity.
Dr. Uttara Pattanaik, PhD, PCC
Dr. Uttara Pattanaik, PhD, PCCAmbassador
Dr. Uttara Pattanaik is an accomplished industry leader, a strategic leadership consultant, an Executive & Leadership Coach (PCC) and a personal mastery expert. She is also the Founder of Uttara Pattanaik Consulting Services (UPCS), a global management consulting firm that focuses on building mindful strategic leadership capabilities in individuals, teams and organizations, enabling them to be their best version. Uttara is committed to humanize leadership and change the global leadership landscape by creating inspiring leaders & influencers who can create ripple effect in the society.
Bryan Powell, PCC
Bryan Powell, PCCAmbassador
Bryan collaborates with successful financial advisors and their teams in order to unleash their full potential.
He has worked as an internal executive coach within global organizations, as well as, externally in the past with a focus on the Financial Services industry.

He holds his PCC certification through the Inter. Coaching Federation along with several other coaching credentials. His passion for coaching allows him to build a relationship where the foundation is trust, assisting leaders and financial advisors in developing plans that will lead to meeting their business objectives.

Michael Kobrin, ACC
Michael Kobrin, ACCAmbassador
Michael is a CPA, certified coach and social entrepreneur with diverse leadership experience across the private and non-profit sectors. He is currently the founder and CEO of Creaity, an organization operating at the intersection of learning, coaching and social impact. Michael is also an instructor and head career coach in the Intercultural Skills Lab at the Rotman School of Management, where he supports internationally-trained professionals in navigating their careers in Canada. He is passionate about increasing access to coaching and truly believes in the power of coaching as a tool for individual, organizational and social change.
Kenneth Chai, PCC
Kenneth Chai, PCCAmbassador
Kenneth is a multi-faceted leader passionate about sustainability and social impact. He drives positive change through his diverse roles as a listco director, consultant, sustainability advocate, mentor and coach. With over 20 years of experience in corporate management across industries, he leverages his expertise in strategy, governance and stakeholder engagement to empower executives and leaders. His focus on emotional intelligence and leadership development aims to cultivate leaders who champion sustainable practices and drive positive impact.
Lisa Gruenloh, ACC
Lisa Gruenloh, ACCAmbassador
Lisa is Founder of Purpose Journey, Inc, a consulting, coaching, and training firm, and an ICF-certified coach who has held leadership positions in a variety of corporate, government, advocacy, philanthropy, and consulting organizations throughout the US. In addition to numerous coaching and assessment certifications, Lisa holds a Master of Public Administration and Policy and a Master of Public Communication, both from American University in Washington, DC. Lisa contributes many hours of pro-bono service to local, national, and global organizations and donates thousands of her writing journals each year.
Inayat Abbas Firdousi, ACC
Inayat Abbas Firdousi, ACCAmbassador
The earth does not try and change a lemon seed to an orange fruit but helps the lemon seed grow to be the best lemon fruit by providing the right conditions for this to happen. Inayat believes that his role is similar to that of the earth by providing the right atmosphere and conditions to thrive whether it is an individual, couple, team or any relationship.

Inayat is a Certified Professional Co-Active Coach and certified Organisational Relationship and System Coach and a Certified Hogans Assessment Assessor