ICF Foundation Council of Ambassadors

ICF Foundation Council of Ambassadors are in place to work alongside the chapter and members. They ignite passion for social progress and engage participation in our initiatives. These subject matter experts work to to communicate the strategy, plans and projects with ICF Chapters.

Dr. Massimiliano Cardani, MCC
Dr. Massimiliano Cardani, MCCAmbassador
Massimiliano holds 20 years of experience in strategy consulting, executive and team coaching (PCC ICF), training on individuals and groups in the field of leadership and management skills, having often acted as temporary manager during critical times of some of his clients’ corporate life.

He has also been university lecturer of marketing and organizational science at MIP, the MBA programme of the Politecnico University of Milan.
Over time, his focus has shifted from the relationship between ‘business choices’ and ‘economic results’ to the field-tested acknowledgment that the key ingredients of success mainly consist in nurturing and unfolding people qualities and their unique talents (creative, interpersonal, organizational, technical).

In 2013, he acted as President of ICF Italy, having served as its board member from 2009 to 2015 and from 2014 to 2016 as member of the ICF European Nominating Committee.

Partner of a coaching school with ACTP, he also co-founded Youvolution, a coaching, training and consulting company (conceived and currently operating as Benefit Company) with a special focus on the integration between individuals’, companies’ and broader society’s wellbeing.

Dr. Belinda Hayes, PhD CPCC PCC
Dr. Belinda Hayes, PhD CPCC PCCAmbassador
Belinda works as a consultant, facilitator, and executive leadership and human potential coach. She has spent over 30 years in senior leadership roles in Higher Education in her native New Zealand, internationally in Nepal, Greece, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, and most recently, in the Sultanate of Oman with the Ministry of Higher Education.

Belinda’s coaching work centers around exploring human potential and supporting the creation of more meaningful lives, organizations worth working in and communities worth living in.

Shana Montesol Johnson, PCC
Shana Montesol Johnson, PCCAmbassador
Shana Montesol Johnson is a Harvard-educated certified executive and leadership coach and facilitator. She has coached leaders in Fortune 100 companies, family-owned businesses, United Nations agencies, and nonprofits. An American of part-Filipino descent who grew up in Latin America, and lived and worked for more than a decade in Asia, Shana relishes cross-cultural work and has coached clients of 33 different nationalities (and counting).

One focus of Shana’s coaching for the past 10+ years has been in the global development sector, with clients in organizations such as the World Health Organization, the Asian Development Bank, and Habitat for Humanity. In connection with this work, she launched what became a popular and award-winning blog, Development Crossroads.

Shana is passionate about equipping mission-driven global leaders to bring their whole selves to their leadership in order to drive results, cultivate authentic leadership, and amplify their impact on their organizations and the world.

John Raymond, PCC
John Raymond, PCCAmbassador
John has been involved in coaching since it began to take hold in the Australasian region in the mid-1990s and he is passionate about the professionalization of the industry. To this end, John has held leadership positions and contributed to various committees in the coaching industry over many years.

His most recent contributions have been through his role as President for the International Coach Federation ” Australasia. He was also a member of the Standards Australia working party, which wrote the guideline for “Coaching in Organisations” – a global first.