Submitted by Marian Guinn, PCC, CEO Leadership Roundtable
Coaching provided to nonprofit CEO’s

When the pandemic moved us into lockdown in March, I wanted to support nonprofit executive directors and CEOs through a small group coaching experience (CEO Leadership Roundtable) with their peers across the nonprofit sector in Lexington, Kentucky.

As a former nonprofit CEO, I knew they were feeling a lot of emotions as they led through the pandemic: concern for themselves and their team, their loved ones and their clients and stakeholders, as well as finances, payroll and delivery of service. It is a hard time for leaders from every sector, but particularly for nonprofit leaders. I knew how meaningful it can be to meet with others experiencing similar challenges. It can be lonely to be the leader; you do not want to burden your direct reports with all your worries.

I invited 24 leaders to participate in a complimentary one-hour roundtable via Zoom and had 10 CEOs join. We met seven times between April 1-July 15. Each session provided participants with a supportive environment to talk through their biggest issues and fears and share what was working. 

The sessions were well received; take a look at what participants said: 

“I learned that many other leaders share the same worries and hopes that I do at this time.”

“This is the favorite call I’m participating in. My days are hectic, but I consider this gathering to be one thing I cannot miss.”

“It was nice to hear what other organizations were experiencing, how they were continuing to move their mission forward and ideas on how to be nimble in these times.”

“We are not alone.”

“Thank you for bringing this group together and helping us think through important things — including and especially self-care. You are a gift to the community.”

As a coach, it was rewarding to have a meaningful way to assist and support nonprofit leaders during a period of unprecedented uncertainty and constant change. The Gift of Coaching helped build a sense of community and caring among leaders responsible for organizations providing tremendous impact on the quality of life for all people living in Lexington.